High School History Recap

#5 Wondrium History Geek Out with Kevin Manzel

December 17, 2021 William H Palk, Colin du Plessis and Kevin Manzel Season 4 Episode 5
High School History Recap
#5 Wondrium History Geek Out with Kevin Manzel
Show Notes

Join our history geek-out session with Kevin Manzel. Kevin is the senior director of content development at Wondrium. Colin and I are both big fans of Wondrium's history courses and use them as resources in our history classrooms.

We cover the following:

  • What is a history geek-out session?
  • How does Wondrium connect disparate topics?
  • What is Wondrium and how did it develop over time?
  • What are some of the history courses on Wondrium?
  • How does Wondrium decide which courses to develop?
  • How does Wondrium ensure the quality and authority of its courses? 
  • How can Wondrium benefit the history teacher?
  • An example of how to integrate Wondrium lectures into lessons
  • How does Wondrium help push for different perspectives?
  • Why is Wondrium the perfect tool for professional development?
  • How does  the guidebook supplement a Wondrium course?
  • How does Wondrium keep abreast with the latest research?
  • What are the Wondrium learning paths?
  • We share our favourite courses
  • Are there Wondrium courses on South African history? (Watch this space!)
  • Learn more about Wondrium slogan "nothing about us without us"
  • What can Wondrium subscribers look forward to in 2022?
  • Hasan Jeffries' upcoming course on Wondrium

We hope to make this a regular feature and bring you all the latest updates on Wondrium's history courses.

Find Kevin Manzel on twitter or visit the Wondrium website for more info.

Colin and William are available on twitter for any questions or suggestions or collaborations.

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