Live Your RAW Life

Episode #79 | Soul Purpose with Katy Rose

September 30, 2021 Katy Rose Season 2 Episode 79
Live Your RAW Life
Episode #79 | Soul Purpose with Katy Rose
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Rachel is joined by Katy Rose who is the founder of  Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing. 

Katy shares a bit about her background to start the show. She talks about her experience when she came back to life after dying from a heart attack. She describes what she saw and heard when she got into the spirit world. 

More importantly, Katy shares the lessons learned and gifts received from that experience. She continues to discuss the importance of finding our own inner resources of resilience and strength within our own spirit.

Rachel and Katy also broach the subject of reincarnation and the main purpose of our soul, which is to LOVE. With the flip side of love to forgive. Katy demonstrates how powerful forgiveness can be through the example of her story of the perpetrator who tried to break into her house years ago. So beautiful.

Katy is now using her gifts from God to bring healing to those who are ready, willing, and open to the work.

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