Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY
Guest: Pawan Joshi of E2open on shippers reclaiming the skies; Freight unloading robots are coming; Celebrating technicians in trucking
Guest: Pawan Joshi of E2open on shippers reclaiming the skies; Freight unloading robots are coming; Celebrating technicians in trucking 22:53 Guest: Spencer Shute of Proxima on the UAW strike; Supply chain companies invest in artificial intelligence; A look at the tasks that AI is automating 18:24 Guest: Mike Kotecki on engineers advancing into managment; Warehouse yards go digital; A possible bumpy road for EV adoption 22:22 Guest: Don Hicks of Optilogic on nearshoring; Signs of optimism in freight markets; A new battery plant 22:19 Guest: Patrick Soleymani of George Mason University on depressed freight markets; Cargo theft is on the rise; Workers required to return to offices 20:30 Guest: Kathy Fulton of the American Logistics Aid Network on recovery efforts for Maui; Drought in Panama limits canal shipping; Wireless charging tech for material handling 27:19 Guest: Anne Reinke of TIA on preventing freight fraud; Prepping docks for winter weather; The effects of innovation and emerging tech on supply chains 17:03 Guest: Dr. Thomas Evans of Honeywell on meeting automation goals; Skills gaps in finding new workers; How do we tell when we are at the bottom of the transportation trough? 18:44 Guest: Caroline Chumakov on Gartner's Women in Supply Chain Survey; Yellow Freight shuts down; A rocky road for logistics in July 22:48 Guest: Tom Nightingale of AFS Logistics on the UPS labor settlement; Prospects look good for 2024 warehouse projects; Extending the life of robots 20:02 Guest: Greg Tuthill of SeaCube Containers on food waste during transit; The latest on the potential Teamsters strike at UPS; A need for office etiquette 20:16 Guest: Darcy MacClaren of SAP on Prime Day and AI in supply chains; The State of Logistics; Women in the driver's seat 18:18 Guest: Bart De Muynck of project44 on the drying Panama Canal; Does the freight recession foretell a wider economic recession? Finding workers gets harder 21:09 Guest: Jason Haith of OEC Group on evolving freight markets; Railroads sue California over new locomotive regulations; and changing warehouse workforce dynamics 21:50 Guest: Dr. Stefan Heck of Nauto on how AI is providing driver safety; How manufacturers feel about current conditions; A focus on ESG initiatives 21:57 Guest: Brian Feehan of the Industrial Truck Association discusses forklift safety; More labor issues at West Coast ports; The logistics industry turns into uncharted territory 18:48 Guest: Craig Malloy of Vecna Robotics on overcoming barriers to automation; Mezzanines are on the rise; Trends in nearshoring 22:07 Guest: Max Farrell of WorkHound on truckers' concerns; Rail workers press for better working conditions; Key trends driving our supply chains 22:09 Guest: Eduardo Lopez-Soriano of UPS Capital on creating a personalized e-commerce shipping experience; Spending slows for warehouse tech; AI may help logistics companies with labor shortages 18:33 Guest: Spencer Shute of Proxima on artificial intelligence uses in logistics; The logistics behind Mother's Day; The top business challenges for the rest of 2023 18:11 Guest: Ron Greene of Overhaul discusses cargo theft prevention: A bumpy road for freight markets; The overall health of logistics is growing, but just slightly 20:43 Guest: Dustin Burke of Boston Consulting Group on current business conditions and supply chains; Labor shortages drive more tech adoption; More U.S. firms moving operations from Asia to Mexico 20:53 Guest: Martin Buena-Franco of Raymond Corp on where to start with automation; The latest from the trucking industry; Defending supply chains from cyberattacks 23:41 Guest: Paul Brashier of ITS Logistics on West Coast ports labor strife; The chemical industry is still plagued by supply chain issues; Amazon fights fraudulent products 21:05 Guest: Carrie Wilkie of GS1 US on the 50th anniversary of the bar code; The latest Logistics Managers' Index; FedEx reorganizes 20:24