Bitcoin and Global Finance

020: Bitcoin & El Salvador - What it REALLY means for both

July 08, 2021 Jason Deane Episode 20
Bitcoin and Global Finance
020: Bitcoin & El Salvador - What it REALLY means for both
Show Notes

This podcast is based on a written article that was published recently and is available to read in full, for free, here.

This episode is produced in association with Luno wallet and exchange and includes a code for £10 of FREE Bitcoin if you are a new user. The simple process of claiming it instantly is included in the podcast itself and instructions for downloading and setting up the app are here. You need to be over 18 with ID, reside in the UK or Europe and a new customer to Luno to claim. Bitcoin is added instantly to your Luno account, no additional purchase necessary.

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The article referenced in the podcast by Forbes writer Martin Leo Rivers is here

As usual, nothing contained in this podcast constitutes financial advice, seek independent advice and do your own research before investing any money into, well, anything actually!

I frequently run FREE public webinars for Bitcoin beginners (and even people who have NO idea what it is!) designed to give you a good understanding of what Bitcoin is and how it will affect you. For the latest list of events that you can join, click here. All welcome!

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