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Guide to Skillshare Classes in 2023: Take These Courses to Prosper!

February 22, 2023 Vitaliy Lano Season 1 Episode 21
IMHO Reviews Podcast
Guide to Skillshare Classes in 2023: Take These Courses to Prosper!
Show Notes

Best Skillshare Courses 2023: Must Classes To Thrive In New Era

  1. Mastering Productivity: Create a Custom System That Works - Learn how to create a personalized productivity system that helps you get more done in less time. This class covers everything from goal setting and time management to prioritization, and you get to choose the productivity system that works best for you.

  2. Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses - Venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki takes you through the starting, launching, fundraising, and pitching stages to make your business a reality. This class covers everything from market research to building a social platform for your business.

  3. Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success - Co-founder of Working Not Working, Justin Gignac, provides a solid outlook for those who want to start up their own side projects and grow their passions. This class covers everything from crafting a portfolio to pitching to media and networking authentically.

  4. Speed Reading Mastery – Double Reading Speed - Memory and speed reading coach Jordan Harry teaches essential speed reading and memory techniques that can help you save time, focus better, and retain more information. You can double your reading speed instantly with this class, and it's perfect for those who are bad or untrained readers.

  5. Discovering Success – Uncover Your Purpose, Passion & Path - Emma Gannon, a Sunday Times bestselling author, trained coach, and TEDx speaker, helps you discover your purpose, passion, and path. This class provides exercises and guidance to help you identify what inspires you, what your passions are, and what your natural skills are.

  6. Context is Key: Social Media Strategy in a Noisy Online World - Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, teaches you how to create social media content that resonates with your audience. This class covers the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest and is perfect for those interested in learning the basics of social media marketing.

  7. Communication Skills: Become More Clear, Concise, & Confident - Communication professor Alex Lyon provides examples of both common ineffective communication and effective communication, with lessons designed for professionals in mind. The course breaks down the skills into small pieces that make it easy to digest and apply.

  8. Choose Must: 10 Hands-On Exercises to Find and Pursue Your Passion - Elle Luna, a designer and author, provides ten hands-on exercises to help you find and pursue your passion. This class encourages you to explore your interests and take action towards the life you want to live.

  9. Stoicism Masterclass
    This Skillshare class, taught by philosophy and theology graduate Sam Ahmed, introduces students to the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and teaches how to apply its principles to daily life. The class covers the Five Principles of Stoicism and how to focus on controlling what's within one's control to build mental resilience against adversity. Practical applications of Stoicism, such as journaling and building healthy relationships, are also taught. 

  10. Designing The Life You Want: 4 Exercises for Clarity and Motivation
    Description: This Skillshare class, taught by Muchelle B, provides a series of exercises to help students reflect on what they want in life and what they don't. Through intentional reflection and visioning exercises, the class helps students create clarity in their lives. The class includes a downloadable workbook with examples, ideas, and inspiration for completing the exercises at any time.