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Storyblocks Reviewed for 2022: Should You Be Using It As A Creative?

January 20, 2022 Vitaliy Lano Season 1 Episode 8
IMHO Reviews Podcast
Storyblocks Reviewed for 2022: Should You Be Using It As A Creative?
Show Notes

Storyblocks is the most popular stock video site. I've been a member of Storyblocks for many years, and have already made a video about the company in the past. However, a lot of things have changed since then, and I think it's important to address those changes, discuss new pricing, and features, talk more about pros and cons and answer the question that I'm being asked a lot: Is Storyblocks still worth it?

Nowadays stock footage is used everywhere, from marketing campaigns to movies to YouTube videos and Instagram stories. I've tried many services over the years, and Storyblocks still remains my favorite one.

-You can choose one of the Basic plans that include 3 to 5 downloads per month, or opt for an Unlimited Video plan for $240 a year or an Unlimited Audio plan for $180 a year. And then there is an Unlimited All-Access plan that costs $65 a month or $360 a year and includes unlimited downloads of HD Footage, 4K Footage, After Effects Templates, Music & Sound Effects, Photos, Vectors, & Illustrations, plus full access to Storyblocks Video Editor called Maker.

Storyblocks library has millions of digital assets. The best part is that everything is royalty-free, and anything you download is yours to keep forever, even after you cancel your membership. I use Storyblocks for most of my projects, and the quality of the footage is always good.

Storyblocks Pros And Cons By IMHO Reviews

-Storyblocks Pros it's cheap. For $30 a month I get unlimited access to the whole library of footage, audio, templates, and special effects.
-With Storyblocks All-Access Plan you can download as many files as you need. Second, everything you download from the library has a royalty-free license.
-Third, the Storyblocks library is huge and it's rapidly growing. Right now, it has already over a million HD and 4K stock videos. Plus there are millions of other assets, like images, audio files, animated backgrounds, after effects templates, Apple Motion templates, etc.

The editor saves tons of time and simplifies the process of video creation. It has a built-in tool that guides you through the whole process and helps create unique videos in a matter of minutes. Maker is integrated with the Storyblocks library and allows you to add overlays, fonts, animations, transitions, intros, and text to personalize your videos.

Okay, but what about Storyblocks cons? Are there any? Well, since Storyblocks is so popular, their content is somewhat common, and you can sometimes come across other videos that use it. But as I've said earlier, the library is so extensive that there is enough content for everyone. I also wish the company still offered a free trial option, but since the price is very low already, it's not really an issue.

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Is Storyblocks worth it? Well, that depends on your needs. As you can see, all three services I've talked about are great, and even though I use each one of them from time to time, Storyblocks is still my to-go stock video site. However, I understand that it might not be for everyone. For instance, if you want to create state-of-the-art content, then it might be better to purchase clips from services that have more premium content. Of course, that would cost much more money, but if your budget allows, it might be worth considering. But if you are looking for an affordable source of unlimited stock footage that comes with hassle-free licensing and that will take your videos to the next level, then Storyblocks is your best choice. Try it today and see for yourself how much more effective your video creation process becomes and how great your content turns out to be.