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HorrorMaker Episode 3: MJ Dixon
May 8, 2017 Pat Higgins / MJ Dixon

Independent horror filmmakers in conversation! Listen to MJ Dixon, (the creator of the entire MYCHO universe of horror movies, comics and shorts) in conversation with resident HorrorMaker host Pat Higgins (writer/director of KILLERKILLER and the guy who destroyed the only copy of THE HOUSE OF THE WITCHPIT live onstage after its first and only screening). In this episode, our indie directors focus pushing yourself past previous boundaries to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Hear how MJ's difficulties on his unreleased first feature fuelled the creation and success of the MYCHO Entertainment Group, whose movies such as SLASHER HOUSE, CLEAVER, HOLLOWER and LEGACY OF THORN now represent an unstoppable, ongoing horror universe of their own. Check it out!

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