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#704 - Coronavirus: Why There's Nothing Novel About It

March 25, 2020 DR TIM Season 7 Episode 4
thedoctorwithin Podcast
#704 - Coronavirus: Why There's Nothing Novel About It
Show Notes

Coronavirus: Where are these numbers really coming from?

Comparison of coronavirus with the regular flu  -- symptoms, incidence, death rate.  All identical.   See more and more doctors and authorities now asking for proof why COVID cases really are a novel disease, and not just re-categorized cases of the flu.   Just like with the flu, 99% get better in 10 days. Just not a serious disease. 30-40 million people get the flu every year.   35,000 Americans die every year from influenza.  Nothing new this year.  Here's a very close look at the daily numbers of cases.   How are people diagnosed?    CDC says the new Test kits are unapproved, not diagnostic, and unproven.      

                                                     Dr Tim O’Shea


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