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Facemask Exemptions - Facemask Science - Dr Tim O'Shea #708

June 02, 2020 DR TIM
thedoctorwithin Podcast
Facemask Exemptions - Facemask Science - Dr Tim O'Shea #708
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On reviewing the actual science behind facemasks, we discover there is no evidence whatsoever they protect against any infectious disease.  Worse, the majority of the science proves that facemasks cause asthma, allergies, and respiratory disease. 

There is a Facemask Exemption form available at thedoctorwithin, and we describe how that works. 
We also discuss the hidden demographic who are most affected by the radical new changes to the social order we're witnessing: children.  How and why so many obstacles are being placed in the way of a return to normal - who benefits by these extravagant innovations, and why they're trying to make them permanent.   And most of all, who are the ones  most devastated, suffering the worst effects.
There is no other issue worth discussing in America today, more vital for our children's future. This is not the time to create sweeping political agendas that ignore science.  

   Now banned from Facebook.  What is it they don't want you to know?

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                                          - Dr Tim O'Shea                                       

For the first time in the history of the world,                the population    has         been suddenly persuaded into thinking                     that       if everyone wears facemasks                it will stop the spread of infectious disease.              Never BEFORE         in the past 20 millennia            have we seen     such An extravagant  belief                  so universally accepted       by the entire world.                       In less than a month.

This is the result             of allowing people             with no educational requirements whatsoever               – bureaucrats, legislators, governors, etc –     to be in a position          to mandate health decisions                for an entire population.  

This new  politics          has shifted               the entire      definition       of quarantine             180 degrees.        


Historically,                      when there have been actual outbreaks          of true infectious diseases,          you          quarantined     the    diseased    group.       Not       the     entire     population.       YOU ONLY ISOLATED THE INFECTED GROUP.

That’s what quarantine is.         Common sense dictates             that we  protect                      the healthy majority      from     the   sick       minority.                            Not the other way around.    

      See the difference?  What we’re living through today –isolating the entire population of the world---   has never been done before               in the history of the world. 

The fact that no scientists     or doctors         have come forward       to point out the lunacy      of such an attack on the world’s healthy population –   something like     that can only  be accomplished  one way -         when science      is left far behind,            and politics takes over     .

Plus,      the population must be sufficiently docile       and      uninformed,           so as not to recognize     the physical impossibility             of what  is being            proposed.

That’s been  the recipe                  for today’s         global          catastrophe.


The indoctrination      of the facemask mythology            has been so complete, so     mesmerizing       that in the absence of    any     verifiable science –    in virtually        every city in the US today                  you can see       people          walking down the street              by themselves,           driving in their cars            by themselves,                    even sitting in their homes                 by themselves                        obediently          wearing          facemasks.

Just returned from a week in Vegas,          where the facemask ban was lifted a month ago.     No facemask requirements anywhere, right?.              And yet          about 30% of the people               were still walking around with their masks—             indoors          and         outdoors -              voluntarily.

The same  thing is happening in most of the other states              that have opened back up.   

Exactly          what do these individuals          believe?

Apparently,      they have somehow been persuaded       that      pathogenic viruses       have the ability              to float around      in the open air,          looking for any       available     human mouth      to enter              and begin a potentially        fatal      disease process.                

Such an article of faith              is not based on     any     verifiable science                 but instead         on the  unending flow             of misinformation -         all day          every day -       from every possible medium,             the subject line of every     online    government document             and journal article,                      and   from signs on the door of every single business…  


What ‘s the  definition of religion.  --        Belief       in that for which there is no evidence –America was the first country in history               to be founded on the idea of      freedom of religion,            so of course people are welcome          to believe in whatever they want. 

 But that’s not what we have here            with the Germ Theory.          This particular    new religion of         germaphobes wearing facemasks                        is being forced on people                who do not belong to that particular   cult            – forced onto 100% of the population.                     Now we’re seeing       Signs in businesses everywhere     – No Mask - No Service.        

      in the absence of any legitimate science –             a direct violation of the First Amendment.  Enforced by police              and bureaucrats              whose original oath      was what? – to defend the constitution        from all enemies                foreign and domestic.


Store clerks  are relying on some  imaginary              mantra from W.H.O. guidelines –              or CDC guidelines –                 as their basis for keeping you out of their stores.                But did you ever notice? – they never specify.

Also remember this             guidelines         are         not             laws.     CDC              is not          a lawmaking body     —nor even a government office, for that matter  .  CDC        is a                      for profit           private            corporation.   

So     for the small demographic of you                        still lucid enough to require proof                  instead of just blindly doing whatever you’re told,              let’s take a look     at what the real authorities and scientists        have to say                about facemasks.


Here are just a few of the literally hundreds of         studies and opinions                     from both government       and science sources                    with regard to the use of facemasks.   You can find      all these citations in the                         Shownotes to this podcast #708.

Let’s start       with the World Health Organization.

From their website      we read

 “the wide use of masks                   by healthy people … is not supported                      by current evidence           and carries                uncertainties and critical risks….                There is no             current             evidence                to make a recommendation          for     or against their use.”   

“… there is currently no evidence               that wearing a mask           by healthy persons in the community setting,                    can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses,  --------------            including COVID-19.”

 “Keep a distance of at least          1 meter         from other people.”                [Not 6 feet!]

several quotes    From the peer reviewed British Medical Journal:     9 Apr 20

Covid-19: important potential side effects of wearing face mask

“Face masks      make breathing     more difficult.      For people with COPD,     face masks are in fact      intolerable       to wear      as they worsen their breathlessness.[5]      Moreover,      a fraction of carbon dioxide      previously exhaled      is inhaled      at each respiratory cycle.      This may worsen      the burden of covid-19         if infected people wearing masks    spread more contaminated air.”

“…mask fabric … can determine     an increase in viral load       and therefore     they can cause a defeat of the innate immunity            and an increase in infections.”          It is not time to act without evidence.”

the BMJ 2020                Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis  

“no randomised trials of masks so far for COVID 19

“we did not find any published data that directly support       the use of masks … by the public.”

“10 randomised controlled trials .. that tested the efficacy of face masks…  meta-analysis found no       significant        reduction         in influenza transmission.”

“…31 eligible studies …  The evidence is not sufficiently strong                     to support the use of facemasks                   as a protective measure against covid-19.”

How about CDC?  What does CDC really say about masks:   

“Currently we are not finding     any data     that can quantify      risk reduction from the use of masks”, 

    - Reuters: April 23, 2020 /         Partly false claim: Wear a face mask; COVID-19 risk reduced

h ttps://

Russell Blaylock PhD:

        “By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape      and will concentrate in the nasal passages,    and travel into the brain.”

 “When a person has TB                     we have them wear a mask,              not the entire community of non-infected.                    The recommendations by the CDC and the WHO are not based on any studies          of this virus                  and have never been used               to contain any       other          virus         pandemic               or epidemic in history.


“Masks can spread all virus,             but coronavirus            specifically.                Exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and may concentrate in the nasal passages. “  

Perlman S et al. Spread of a neurotropic murine coronavirus into the CNS via the trigeminal and olfactory nerves. Virology 1989;170:556-560.

Meta- study:   

From the peer review journal      Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 6(4), 257–267. 

bin-Reza et al. (2012) “The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of 

influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence”, 

“There were 17 eligible studies. … None of the studies established a conclusive 

relationship between mask  use                   and protection against influenza .” 

Why Face Masks Don’t Work:                                    - John Hardie, PhD

“The primary reason for mandating the wearing of face masks is to protect dental personnel from airborne pathogens.                  This review has established              that face masks are                incapable of providing         such a level of protection.    CDC … guilty of perpetuating a myth 

          a disservice to the … patients.”

This is just the smallest sampling         of the enormous amount of research on facemasks.  Generally they are all saying the same thing                    NO             evidence           of protection from infectious disease.       But      Significant Evidence        of respiratory interference             promoting illness.

So then       why are local governments, police        and businesses in the locked down states       so fanatical about wearing facemasks?


Unjustified by any legitimate science,              it’s clear        that there is       no      valid    health    reason for wearing masks in public.   I’ll say that again----          

Remember the science we showed in our video       The Germ Theory of Disease               about the size of viruses                    compared with the size of the openings in facemasks and we talked about      paddling your kayak under the Golden Gate?     It’s   Physically impossible             for masks        to defend against the     infinitesimal virus---------          

So why all the hysteria       forcing masks on people?   Ever wonder that?      It’s not just the $400 million facemask industry.                NO      The idea of facemasks has now devolved into something      much more sinister.                  And it’s only about one thing --  power.  

The entire global “pandemic”                      may be seen simply   as a demonstration of bureaucratic power.                      Like nothing else       in the history of mankind.

Now that we have clearly shown     in our last 3 YT videos --- see homepage at thedoctorwithin  that

       -      there is no new disease in the world

     -      There is no novel virus spreading through the world

       - COVID 19 exists only in laboratories

     - All 5 tests for COVID are completely unreliabl

     - Therefore the reported daily numbers used to justify      ongoing confinement---are fraudulent.    They are incentivized.

why is this fake pandemic being artificially prolonged      in many states?   Why do all these states remain locked down,                 devastating people’s everyday lives?

There’s only one answer for that : Power.       In the absence of science,          this fake pandemic is being prolonged                       by a concerted agenda of bureaucrats.               The lifeblood, their professional DNA –             the very raison d’etre – of any bureaucrat is       to  do what ?  -  to  advance      their own     power.      At all costs.                    

 And never before has so much power      been placed within their grasp              in such a short time.    It’s intoxicating,                    and they can’t let it go.  That’s why they keep extending and extending the return to normal in so many states…   Nothing to do with protect5ing peole—Only about advancing their own power…

It turns out               that it’s the facemask in particular           that has come to empower everyone                     from  the lowliest bag clerk in the grocery store,           who’s now been elevated to the rank of junior G-man –               all the way up to the governor –             and everyone in between.               Wow- minimum wage and I get to join Youth For Hitler   —what a bonus!

And why has the facemask                   suddenly become this enormous issue??    It’s a symbol of the new religion.            Do you think the clerk who screams at you for                      walking into the store with no facemask    do you think he cares             if you live or die?                   

Do you think the bureaucrats in your state or city              who make up the illegal facemask rules          care if you live or die?       Of course not.                   Do you think they have any idea of the lack of science behind facemasks?                  Or the science that proves they promote illness?              Of course not.                         And bureaucrats are not interested in learning.     That would do nothing to increase their power.

It’s not about your health or well being at all.                It’s all  symbolic             .   It’s that facemasks have become                  a symbol            of their new religion – their germ theory cult. Facemasks are now                  a religious       totem –       like               rosary beads, or           yamakas,       or               SS badges,    or                eagle feathers.     By not  wearing one,   you are signifying             to them              that you are not a member of     their      cult.        And that enrages them.        Enough to harm you, any    way      they can.                Just like the beginning of most wars in history.

Then      higher up the food chain,        facemask compliance is a symbol                 that  the bureaucrats can pass     any    laws –      any violations of the Constitution    whatsoever-        and most people will obey.               Without a whimper.

George,       and Alexander,       and Thomas –      they’d be embarrassed    indeed       to see us roll over like this       with no blowback                       no outcry.


The COVID phenomenon      has brought enormous trauma and abuse                   to one group in particular      that is     never mentioned in pop press         – children.             Just think how their lives          have been materially damaged                    in so many ways during the past 4 months.                 Here are  Just a few examples  : 

  • alienating kids from contact with their friends and peers
  • turning kids  into de facto germaphobes
  • closing local parks, arcades, sports venues, malls, swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, etc            all these months
  • cancelling life events             like birthday parties               and graduation
  • replacing actual school with the      phony     ersatz     online school, where the kid learns the first day      to log in,      press mute ,    and then     turn off video

  • forcing kids   even deeper    into the isolation of their                  cyber world of iphone, Switch, etc                     as though they weren’t already immersed enough in that medium, right?
  • aggravating any respiratory and allergic conditions               by forcing kids to wear facemasks

Also  Many of the kids who attend summer camps              have been especially devastated               by the arbitrary closure                 of what may be one of the main          events of their lives – something they look forward to all year long.               One little girl I know        was scheduled for her 4th summer at camp  this year.               For several weeks        the state kept playing games with the owners of that camp,   telling them       they could still open           if only this,      if only that       and kept adding outrageous new requirements        every week.                 Here’s a partial list of those rules:

     Any camper from out of statehad to do a          2 week            quarantine

     Social distancing             at all times at camp-         indoors and out

     No singing              or yelling          the entire season

     Kids have to wear facemasks    at all meals

     Kids can only have contact            with their own cabin mates

     No assemblies of the whole camp -  no campfires,        theatre activities,     singalongs, etc

     Only one cabin at a time    may go swimming     in the 3-mile lake

This is only a partial list      of the absurd rules made up by the bureaucrats in Maine.        Finally, the owners realized         that this mutated version of camp    was not camp at all,        and announced closure       for the entire season.      The kids      were devastated.       A trauma they’ll carry with them all their lives.

Then I discovered  that This identical scenario has played out      in the majority of summer camps      all across the country.        Most just closed,   without a squawk..

But wait----     That’s not nearly the worst of it for kids.  In the next Podcast - # 709 – we’re going to go into detail about        the permanent changes to kids’ everyday lives             coming soon.   
 Don’t know if you’ve picked up on it yet or not – but here’s what’s going on----The bureaucrats are now          going to pretend like        for the first time in history         that    we are permanently threatened       by this COVID disease         and that it will     never    go     away.    And so we have to make dramatic                permanent                 changes               to the social order and the way we live our lives..  

The schools are going to be the worst offenders                    at making invasive life changes for kids.                  Like most other school districts-----LA County is already gearing up for the Fall --                  to maintain      social distancing and              wearing masks       all      day                every day                   from now on.   IN the absence of any disease threat -- this is the new normal.                     

That idea hasn’t clicked in to the general awareness yet.

 This little social experiment we’ve got going –  dreamed up by these Latter Day Nazis – is literally     stealing time from the lives of our children.  And it’s just beginning

This is just a sample of what we’re going to discuss in our next podcast..          Not only is this contrived epidemic       not over yet –        even in the open states --   bureaucrats are doing everything in their power                       to prolong the illusion                    of a permanent         bio-threat.  With permanent changes to our everyday lives.

But they’ll only get away with it                 if you let them.


Well For starters     you can follow up                     on the science references above.     Don’t take our word for it –                check them out yourself.        They’re listed in the shownotes to this podcast.

Also,      you can save a lot of time informing yourself                       by going to the last few podcasts and videos                    on the homepage of thedoctorwithin 

Then                  After you learn the true science,               you can stand up      and speak     truth to power,        any chance you’re confronted         with     mindless propaganda.              Like what  Elon Musk did with     the Newsome biped.  

The governor                  wants to keep all business closed in California                   as long as possible,      in order to derive as much power as possible.               With Tesla closed for 4 months        and no end in sight,             Elon made it known                that there was no science behind the      indefinite business closures      in California,           and that he was entertaining              overtures from             Nevada, Texas etc.                   to move his enterprise                    out of state.   Seeing the dollars            flying out of California,   Newsome actually came to Elon                and allowed him       to start producing cars again.         

That’s the only way to stop the insanity.    .   That’s what real  vertebrates do –      they stand up and tell               truth   to                power. 

Another thing you can do                is inform yourself         about the Facemask                Exemption      Form, available free                    at thedoctorwithin.  Go to the     homepage and click on podcasts                 It’s a two sided form      you can laminate.                      One side          informs the reader      that facemasks are a violation ..         ….    of the Americans With Disabilities Act,                and outlines the penalties             for anyone violating it.                   Like grocery store owners,      restaurant owners, etc.  

The other side            is an actual disability slip        signed by your doctor             that states how blocking           exhaled CO2        will aggravate or cause allergies , asthma, etc.               With all the science references at the bottom.      This will be useful in the Fall for kids returning to school.         Learn it.    Use it.           Bring your iphone and record interactions.

Still another thing we can all do - what we should have done last March the 16th                                                   is this.                       The next time some       slovenly,               ill-dressed        bureaucrat comes on TV and youtube                   and announces        another               general        House         Arrest in your county                   for an undefined period of time,            saying there’s  some imaginary unproven           “novel”             microbe     supposedly circulating –        here’s what we can do.  Here’s      what we could have done last time.      Nothing.            Ignore it.                Don’t stay home,            don’t close your business,        don’t close stores,    don’t close schools.     Just go about            living     your     life                same as before.        Like they did in Sweden and Japan.      There’s not enough Gestapo          to enforce something like that     if everyone simply ignores it.           

And you know      what would happen       if everyone ignored it?          Nothing.      The COVID phenomenon only happened because        we let it happen.            We believed the bureaucrats        and vaccine peddlers     – we believed their lies            without investigating them.              Look what happened. 

Think of all the trillions     we could have saved,                 how much better our lives would be today              if we’d used the last 4 months       

to improve our lives and support our families, instead of burying our heads in the sand,  listening to the propaganda        of the self-serving  bureaucrats.   What a colossal waste of time and money.

 SO    Thank you for your kind attention.    Please listen to our next podcast         where we’re going to start with the horrifying program that’s about to become part of our lives—
Contact Tracing.

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