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#709 - - - - What Have We Just Done To Our Kids? - - Dr Tim O'Shea

July 01, 2020 DR TIM
thedoctorwithin Podcast
#709 - - - - What Have We Just Done To Our Kids? - - Dr Tim O'Shea
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Where is the science that proves the need to shut down schools? Or for kids to wear face masks?  How many children get COVID? What percentage of patients with COVID are fine in 10 days with no treatment?  Who controls the daily numbers?  Who benefits from extending lockdowns?  Will the new vaccine be safety tested?

Why aren't answers to these questions readily available? 

Here they are.

 Now banned from Facebook.  What is it they don't want you to know? 

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Think of Pearl Harbor, or          9-11     – these events pale     by comparison        to the desolation     we’ve just experienced these past months.    In terms of       total harm    to the human race,    this      is       100 times worse.       With no opposition,      no resistance,     we have surrendered overnight      the civil liberties        possessed by no other nation in history –       the freedom that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers     have died for      in all our wars, up to WWII.       

In the blink of an eye,     we traded in our sacred     democratic republic    for some kind of    authoritarian       cowboy bureaucracy.

Does this seem like    it’s just some      momentary glitch    in modern history,   just another    footnote for the news archives?     Think again.    -- They ‘re setting up permanent    transformations     to the social order       based on the fabricated     illusion   that a mild illness can be a serious permanent threat.       Spending millions in preparation now  for  the next  phony   pandemic

Though many     are at least partially aware        of the cataclysmic nature of this contrived upheaval,      they don’t speak out.     Or else they can’t speak out, for career reasons.     Or else     they’re censored.

To our own detriment,      most of us have bought into   the junk science      that describes     an impossible global pandemic,     and have accepted        the superstitious solutions      meted out     by unschooled bureaucrats ,    whose prime objective is         to exaggerate the crisis       and drag it out        as long as possible.      for their own benefit.


But all that’s still not the worst of it.        Nobody talks about what’s happening     to our children.       They’re the most important demographic of all,     and they’re being ignored.      They are the future.     And their entire lives       are going to be fundamentally and forever altered     by the events        taking place         right now.

It would be glib to say       that         all this will make them stronger     in the long run,    as past challenges have made us stronger, etc.      But that’s only true    if they get to grow up        with all the advantages    of the democratic system that we grew up in,     flawed though it sometimes has been.       That     very ideology is under attack right now,     like never before.   

So    let’s take a quick look at the world    we’ve forced upon our poor kids      these past  months:

-            We stole their spring from them, and now we’re stealing their summer 

-            We’ve isolated them    from all contact with their friends and peers

-            We’ve kept them away from sports, games,   amusement parks,   camps, vacations,    parties, normal social activities

-            We’re turning them into functional      germaphobes,     handicapping them   against ever discovering the science of     normal     microbial    symbiosis,     as it contributes to human health and immunity

-            We’ve forced them even deeper       into the virtual life    of laptops, Switch,     and iphones,   teaching them that this fake     cybernetic    existence      is just as good as real life

-            We’re about to send them back to schools, most of which are in the process     of being completely transformed by      extremist bureaucrats,      forcing radical politics     onto innocent children

-            new mandates     for making the return to school     in the Fall a shocking     humiliating    experience:   permanent facemasks,     permanent distancing,    no recess,      no group activities      no sports       no music        new brainwashing        it’s all been mandated.

-            Schools will introduce     the totalitarian idea from N. Korea       where kids are rewarded     for snitching on their friends    – all part of the new     Contact Tracing  -   just announced  recently  [6]

-            finally      The crowning insult:       we’re about to force     Gates’ experimental, untested new vaccine,    which they admit       will alter the formative DNA     of children


For places     in  which all of the above is true,  these states are simply      no longer fit for raising children.    And that’s why so many people are leaving.

No program of systematic child abuse   like this      has ever been imagined before.     Yes, it’s true,     kids are resilient     to illness and trauma.      But there’s a limit.               This new  path  is  going to damage most of them in the long run,   and many in the short run.           Especially when the vaccine comes out.       As proven      by the $4 billion      paid out in vaccine injury compensation,      a fact forbidden by most media.

No recess, sports, group activities,  and constant facemasks..?   The unprecedented transformation about to take place in our schools       is not yet a part of public awareness.    That shock is coming in September.      You’ll see.    

Never before      has homeschool been so attractive.  Its ranks are swelling.       People find out very quickly that homeschool educational levels     dwarf      the average grade school - anywhere.  Very shortly here      we’re about to see      homeschool       become        the Darwinian option. 


In our videos    Facemask Exemptions: Facemask Science, [5]   and The Germ Theory  [8]  we give a decent introduction       to the real science and physiology behind wearing facemasks.  Take a look at those sources.  (below)

We show how virtually          all peer review          proves        the overall lung damage from wearing facemasks,     especially    with the developing lungs of kids.    How could it be otherwise,     when with every breath       you’re supposed to breathe in oxygen,  and expel carbon dioxide?      If you block both,       you’re promoting asthma,    allergies,    lung disease, and infection.   That’s incontrovertible.

Why would your state government want to      force children to get sick?      That’s what happens when mindless bureaucrats     take over  medical decisions for the whole population.

Review that part of the Germ Theory video [8]     where we show how it would be easier for you to paddle your kayak          under a bridge       that is  4x longer than the Golden Gate        than it would be          for a single virus    to penetrate the mesh     of your facemask.

These 2 videos cite dozens of authorities      that prove beyond a reasonable doubt        that facemasks provide no protection from infectious disease     whatsoever.    

Here are just a few of those citations:

Scott Jensen MD [2]  shows exactly how the daily case numbers     are falsely compiled, and falsely reported.     He shows the financial motivation      behind      diagnosing most patients as COVID                        when they do not have the disease at all.  

Dr Alan Preston [2]   reminds us that      COVID     is a mild disease     97%     of the time.  Requiring no treatment.      You’re fine     in 10 days.

But here’s the kicker:       kids     don’t       get      COVID.     Almost never.   Michael Roizen MD     from Cleveland Clinic [2] shows us that       anyone under 18       is immune to COVID.  There are virtually        zero deaths and zero cases      below 18

Scott Atlas MD, concurs:  “Schools should be open.       COVID presents a virtually     zero risk for children.    Even in the rare instance   they get the flu,     they cannot transmit it to other people.” [7]          Dan Erickson MD  says the same thing:  how COVID is virtually    “ no threat to kids.   With almost no cases or deaths nationwide.      Schools should open immediately      and should never have been shut down.”  [2]  

There are simply      no sources to the contrary.    All legitimate science says the same thing.

In the absence of any evidence     proving     disease protection,     facemasks       are primarily a device for     ritual humiliation,      dehumanizing a docile,   neutered population.        They’re getting us used to it.      If folks    so willingly accept      this level of mindless   degradation,     what will they object to?       How easy it will be for    what ‘s coming next..      

Just Rolling over and wearing masks ourselves is bad enough.       But making our kids do something    we know is harmful      just because we’re afraid of making waves?       That’s your idea of protecting your kids?  

But to protect them,     first you have to     inform yourself.     So       Don’t believe a word of this podcast.     Check these sources yourself.


How much      is all COVID diagnosis       incentivized?      Who benefits    from all these positive tests?  Once the bureaucrats       co-opted the right to make scientific decisions     forcing  “protection”  on a population,      an epidemic can last as long as they like.       Once the bureaucrats controlled the daily figures,      there was no end in sight.

Here are the unanswered questions:

1.       What’s the proof      that everyone with the diagnosis actually has the same disease?

2.       What’s the reliability of the 5 tests for COVID?

3.       What science proves the necessity for lockdown       of a healthy population?

4.       What science proves facemasks     protect      from microbial disease?

5.       What science proves      schools needed to close?

As Scott Atlas MD says, there is     no     common    sense     involved in closing schools       at all.  Children are simply    not susceptible to COVID.    Period.     School closure     is the result of an irrational      lack of leadership.      He then shows the video       of bulldozers in Venice Beach       covering over a skateboard park     with sand,    in the pretense     that children need to be protected      from playing.      See video. [9]           Same thing in NYC     where playground gates are being      welded     shut. [7]      This is madness,     not science.

What are we doing to our kids?  Why are we making them pawns       in this game of big pharma and politics?

Ask yourself this question:    When was the last time you saw a spark of pure joy and excitement    in your child’s face?     How many months has it been?     Isn’t it now mostly just  that dull, cybernetic  glow      – that electronic overdose?         Kids aren’t supposed to be with their family 24 hours a day,        indoors,     for months on end.    They’re supposed to be with their friends,      and peers at school and at play.   

 Nobody’s talking about the permanent collective psychological effect        that lockdown is having on children.      If they ever do,   it ‘ll be either be a coverup,    or else a trick to sell more drugs and vaccines.


Can’t tell you how many people have contacted me lately       asking for advice about what state to move to .     Or what country.

IN case you  haven’t figured it out yet, this lockdown is not likely to end until      an experimental vaccine is available.  Once that is disseminated        watch how fast the daily numbers will dwindle, right before your eyes.  That’s what we’ve all being ransomed for  -- all these months.

With the whole     Tower of Babel spectrum of opinions      on the COVID phenomenon,     one thing most of us now agree on       is this:        the amount of damage     from the “solutions” to COVID    is now exponentially greater    than the disease itself ever was.


The governors keep saying      science science science       about the continued need for facemasks and lockdown,      but they     never     ever     cite any.     Except for Fauci.      And  They  act as though       COVID is the same as  Bubonic Plague.        

Seems they   deliberately keep forgetting this   –     COVID     is a mild, self-limiting disease.      A few sniffles for a couple of days and you’re fine.      97% of the time.   Unless you’re a kid.  Then you can’t get it at all.

Look at your own life.       All the time and productivity     that has been stolen from your life      these past months – Just think if you could have put all        that energy        into advancing your own career         your own projects,    or your business,    or taking better care of your family.      All that   was stolen from     your     life.   And      All that opportunity     for normal development - stolen from your children –      an entire spring and summer season –     imprisoned     in front of their computers,       afraid to go outside and play...  For  months.       we can never get it back.

And don’t forget   ---   We could have avoided all of this.      Just by ignoring       that original TV announcement     on that fateful March 16.       


Take your kids hiking.  Ride bicycles.  Get them out of the house.  Stop    electing these morons to office.

Then  stop pretending this is a vacation.    We ‘re witnessing the worst disaster of our lifetime – right now.         This is your life going by, being wasted and stolen.     At least  Use this time to inform yourself.        It might save you some time to start      with the podcasts and videos    listed on the homepage at thedoctorwithin   

There are a few good videos listed below     not yet censored -----that represent a non-cookiecutter, non-propagandist view      of the COVID phenomenon.     Rashid Buttar, Tony Robbins, Dennis Prager, David Icke, Jon Rapaport, Scott Atlas, etc..  Watch them all.   

Thank you for your kind attention.  Please download  this video   before it disappears.    

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From podcast 705: