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Podcast #711 - Review of COVID Tests: Prelude to a Coup d'etat - Dr Tim O'Shea

July 18, 2020 DR TIM
thedoctorwithin Podcast
Podcast #711 - Review of COVID Tests: Prelude to a Coup d'etat - Dr Tim O'Shea
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Positive tests are not cases.  A positive test for COVID does not mean someone is sick.  The only spikes we've had are positive tests.  Not cases.  Where's the epidemic? Where are the sick people?
Anyone who dies these days is tested for COVID.  If that test comes out positive, COVID will be listed as the cause, no matter what they died of.  Facts like these are how the lockdown is being unnecessarily prolonged.  Irresponsible bureaucracy - whose only agenda is their own power.  The epitome of nonsensical science, as the world has never seen.
 Now banned from Facebook.  What is it they don't want you to know?


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in our video $5K Reward [8]    We carefully described each of the 5 tests for COVID       We learned that none of the tests are reliable at all      for diagnosing a viral disease.  

The five tests are:  

by symptoms only

antibody test 


hospital kits 

on site test 

Everyone assumes these tests are reliable.  They are not.    Watch that video    for details.  

The majority of diagnoses  have been the result of testing   by symptoms only.   Here’s how it works.  You walk into a clinic    with a slight cough or a headache. Or perhaps a slight fever.

As the nurse – or secretary – writes down your symptoms, you will be automatically diagnosed with COVID    and sent home, without any tests whatsoever.  All within 5 minutes.  This is at CDC’s instructions to physicians , which came out in February.  [6]

You might simply be dehydrated, or sunburned, or dyspeptic, or any of 100 other insignificant imbalances that cause these symptoms  . As you know,       COVID has the exact same symptoms of any flu       or a dozen other diseases.    

No matter.  We’re in epidemic mode now     and we’re under orders to get the numbers up   - any way we can.

60 Minutes recently did a piece [1]   showing how the antibody test kits are      unapproved and completely unreliable, showing false positives.     examples      are the drive in windows tests you see all over the place.     Yet   all the hundreds of thousands of positive results from those kits      are still part of the total US database,      on which political decisions are being made.

Here’s CDC on the antibody test:  

       "A positive test result shows    you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.    However,   there    is a chance     a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus      that causes the common cold. "  [9]

Not only antibodies from cold virus will make for a positive COVID test.     Any antibodies  -- any IGs from anything – can make it positive.      There is no way to tell whether the antibodies are from a recent infection     or      the body’s protection from an infection it had long ago.  All are counted as positive COVID tests. [14]

 So then,     what does this say     about  the daily numbers?    They are now all in question.

The point is, this fake epidemic is being prolonged by flawed, inconclusive tests.  Media pretends that positive tests are the same thing as cases of a disease - numbers of sick people.  They’re not.  Positive tests are not cases.  99% of positive tests never get sick at all. 

 Of the 1% that do get sick, 99% of them are fine in a week or so and require no treatment. 

 An epidemic is sudden outbreak of sick people.  We don’t have that.  All we have is a sudden spike of positives from the shakiest tests ever invented.  That’s not an epidemic.  

That’s a phony Boutique Epidemic, just like  avian flu, SARS. Swine Flu, Ebola, etc.  which were just Marketing campaigns to sell vaccines.  Where’s the epidemic today?  Where are all the sick people?  Have you ever seen even one?  

Anybody who dies today in the hospital must be tested for COVID.  If that test comes up positive, then COVID is listed as the case of death, no matter if they died from heart attack, emphysema, diabetes or even a motorcycle accident!  It’s true   So then 2 things are maintaining these inflated numbers for COVID 

Are 1.  fake death certificates claiming COVID was the case of death 

2. counting positives tests as  actual cases of sick people

This way numbers can be manipulated any way the bean counters want - up or down.  Epidemic?  What epidemic?  This is the most successful pageant the world has ever seen. — the grandest example in history  of what can only be called one thing

 a coup d’etat.