The Happy Writer with Marissa Meyer
A Fantasy Quest Rooted in Polynesian Culture with Makiia Lucier - Dragonfruit
Episode Artwork A Fantasy Quest Rooted in Polynesian Culture with Makiia Lucier - Dragonfruit 45:37 Episode Artwork Answering Your Publishing Questions: From Query to Book Deal to Publication 1:12:41 Episode Artwork A YA Theater Romance with Adib Khorram: The Breakup Lists 49:20 Episode Artwork Talking Book Bans and Zine-Style YA Memoir with Stephanie Kuehnert: Pieces of a Girl 44:08 Episode Artwork Pro Book Marketing Tips for Amazon and Beyond with Franklin Goldberg of Amplify Marketers 49:40 Episode Artwork MG Novel-in-Verse and Fictionalized Memoir with John Schu: Louder Than Hunger 46:00 Episode Artwork Quick Series Releases and YA Fantasy with Bethanie Finger: More Than Life 48:41 Episode Artwork Query Advice from Literary Agent Lucinda Halpern: Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author 51:29 Episode Artwork YA Fantasy, Heists, and Vampires with Hafsah Faizal: A Tempest of Tea 40:27 Episode Artwork A Postapocalyptic Treasure Island Retelling with Dinesh Thiru: Into the Sunken City 44:17 Episode Artwork The Audiobook Narrator and Comic Artist of With a Little Luck: feat. Chuck Gonzales and Stacy Carolan 1:03:14 Episode Artwork YA Holiday Rom-Com with Elle Gonzalez Rose - Caught in a Bad Fauxmance 45:16 Episode Artwork How to Write Genrebending YA Sci-Fi / Fantasy with Andrea Tang - Kingdom of Without 46:34 Episode Artwork Writing Realistic Middle Grade with Jessica Vitalis - Coyote Queen 44:22 Episode Artwork Witches and Evocative Contemporary Settings with Kate Pearsall - Bittersweet in the Hollow 40:12 Episode Artwork NaNoWriMo and Neurodivergent Characters with Leanne Schwartz - A Prayer for Vengeance 43:34 Episode Artwork Action-Packed Middle Grade with Terry J. Benton-Walker - Alex Wise vs. the End of the World 49:44 Episode Artwork A Jekyll and Hyde Graphic Novel Retelling with S.H. Cotugno - The Glass Scientists 50:04 Episode Artwork Fantasy Horse Races and Jewish Mythology with Kalyn Josephson - This Dark Descent 38:50 Episode Artwork Fairy Tales for Adults and Being Consistent with Your Writing with John Connolly - The Land of Lost Things 47:19 Episode Artwork A Japanese Mythology and Jumanji-Inspired Fantasy from Kristen Simmons - Find Him Where You Left Him Dead 44:33 Episode Artwork Writing Heists and Avoiding Info-Dumps with Kayvion Lewis - Thieves' Gambit 42:32 Episode Artwork Combining Western Fairy Tales with East Asian Folklore - Elizabeth Lim - Her Radiant Curse 40:27 Episode Artwork YA Magical Realism and Romance with Aisha Saeed - Forty Words for Love 46:38 Episode Artwork Find Your Writing/Life Balance with The Writer's Sanctuary Founders C.J. Redwine and Mary Weber 1:09:31