Native Yoga Toddcast

Episode 5 ~ Yoga Talk with Greg Nardi

April 10, 2020 Todd Mclaughlin Season 1 Episode 5
Native Yoga Toddcast
Episode 5 ~ Yoga Talk with Greg Nardi
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It is with great pleasure that in this episode I have the privilege to interview Greg Nardi. Greg Nardi is the owner of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide where he teaches a Mysore program almost daily as well as an internationally renowned teacher of workshops in yoga practice and theory. Greg’s classes and workshops draw on his experience in the oral tradition of yoga that he participated in on numerous trips to study in Mysore, India and with teachers in N. America and Europe, his years of practice, and his ongoing self-study of academic research in contemporary and traditional yoga. Visit Greg online here. Here Greg weighs in on his thoughts about Yoga, the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of teaching yoga. We hope you enjoy!

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(Cont.) Episode 5 ~ Yoga Talk with Greg Nardi