Career Trajectories | The Recipe for Continuous Career Growth with Rishi Mahajan, M.S. (Sponsored by Benchling)
New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists
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New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists
Career Trajectories | The Recipe for Continuous Career Growth with Rishi Mahajan, M.S. (Sponsored by Benchling)
Jan 29, 2024 Episode 167
Rishi Mahajan
You may recognize him from the first episode in our "Lab of the Future" series: Rishi Mahajan, M.S., lead automation engineer at Regeneron, returns to the podcast to share his career story! 

Rishi shares his unconventional journey, from childhood with no clear career aspirations to becoming a seasoned automation engineer. He highlights his college major selection and how he navigated education challenges in India before pursuing his master's in biotechnology in the United States.

He later entered the world of lab research during his master's program, emphasizing the importance of internships and networking. He discusses the hurdles he faced, the role of networking in securing his internship at Regeneron, and the subsequent transition to a full-time position. 

Enjoy this advice-filled conversation addressing the power of networking, with Rishi providing practical tips for individuals, even introverts, to build meaningful connections. He emphasizes the casual nature of networking, the importance of genuine conversations and dispels the fear of making mistakes when reaching out to seasoned professionals.

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