Leadership in Chaos
EP 34: Finding Meaning in Chaos
Leadership in Chaos
EP 34: Finding Meaning in Chaos
Feb 18, 2021 Season 4 Episode 34
Ian McClean

People out there are really struggling. And the Chaos has moved from external disruption (economy and autonomy) to internal questioning as we struggle for meaning. In this episode I focus on what this means for leaders and their role.

 Insights include:

  • How the Leader today has now become the white-collar frontline worker
  • The 3 Migrating Stages of people’s struggle during the pandemic
  • Finding Meaning as a key to Resilience
  • Why Finding Meaning is not a Quest

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Listener Review - 5 Stars:

Leadership in Chaos is a hot topic, deals directly with the challenges of Covid as well as suggesting simple and clear approaches to improve. Well worth the investment of 15 minutes a week. 

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