Carolinas AGC Buildercast

Women In Contruction: We Were Built for This - Nora Spencer of Hope Renovations

March 09, 2021 CarolinasAGC Season 3 Episode 1
Carolinas AGC Buildercast
Women In Contruction: We Were Built for This - Nora Spencer of Hope Renovations
Show Notes

Guest Speaker: Nora Spencer, Hope Renovations
BuilderCast Series Host: Tammy Ford, Director of Build Your Career Initiative
BuilderCast Co-Host and Producer: Sharon Walters, Director of Digital Operations

 “Women are good at details, they are tenacious, they don’t give up. They are curious learners and love to learn…Women show up. We have a different way of looking at work a lot of times and I think that is really appreciated and needed in the industry.”

"...You’re coming into an industry where there is not a cultural expectation that women are not worth as much, so as women are coming into the industry, they are getting paid as much as their male counterparts and that is specific to construction industry. You don’t find that in any other industry.”

--Nora Spencer, Hope Renovations on the qualities women possess that bring so much value to this industry and the unique earning potential specific to construction.

While working in HR at Lowe’s, Nora was exposed to and became interested in construction trades and began doing some of her own remodeling jobs on her own. During that time, she noticed (to her dismay) that there were not many women working in the field. After a change in career goals and some training and experience in social work, she decided she wanted to bring about social change in the lives of women through construction trade training. She knew that the trades offer opportunities to lift people out of poverty and provide sustainable, rewarding careers and in 2020 she founded Hope Renovations.

In this episode she helps us dig into the history of women in construction, the traits and characteristics inherent in women that lend so much value to the industry and what the industry has to offer women and has offered women throughout the first year of the Hope Renovations program.

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