Carolinas AGC Buildercast

Women in Construction: We Were Built for This - Part I: Pat Rodgers of Rodgers

March 18, 2021 CarolinasAGC Season 3 Episode 3
Carolinas AGC Buildercast
Women in Construction: We Were Built for This - Part I: Pat Rodgers of Rodgers
Show Notes

Guest Speaker: Pat Rodgers, Rodgers
BuilderCast Series Host: Betsy Bailey, NC Government Relations & Building Div. Director
BuilderCast Co-Host and Producer: Sharon Walters, Director of Digital Operations

"Running a business is not for the faint of heart. And you do have to have that passion for it you have to really care about it. Years ago I read a book by Paul Hawkin (Smith & Hawkin) wrote...and one of the things I remember reading that book... is that if the only reason you go into business is to make money, then you probably won't".

"...So I think you have to care passionately about what you do and you have to give back. It's really important to all of us at Rodgers to give back whether our time, talents or financial support, that we give back to our industry and our communities where our people live and work."

--Pat Rodgers, Rodgers

Pat Rodgers never thought she would land in the construction industry. She found a 2-day part time commitment when she moved to Charlotte and needed a job. That job was with Rodgers Builders. She was asked to stay on and help with some other positions and she decided she would. Over the years, she was offered, and took advantage of every opportunity to grow and learn the business.

Pat discusses the wide open opportunities our industry offers to anyone willing to work hard, and learn the business. She also identifies technology as one reason our industry can and is attracting more young people.

She closes part 1 of this 2 part episode by talking about how important it is for business to give back to the community. Rodgers really has a passion for building beautiful facilities. In fact, their tagline is "Building is our Passion." In this interview, you learn that they are just as passionate about giving back and they show it.

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