Modestly Awkward

Covenant Series: Promises of God

April 15, 2021 Frances Armand Season 1 Episode 12
Modestly Awkward
Covenant Series: Promises of God
Show Notes

Have you been enjoying the Covenant Series?  Listen in to the Series Finale. 

Living a holy life for Jesus is not always easy, but knowing the promises of God can help us in our daily lives, to be able to navigate life’s decisions, and to conquer fear, temptation, and danger.

This episode concludes the six-part series -Covenant.  I had an opportunity to sit down with my pastor, Bishop Charles E. Wright Sr. of Greater Refuge Temple NYC, and we discussed how the New Covenant relates to the Promises of God and what does it mean to be a Christian. In this modern-day, we find new ways of thinking, but the Word of God remains the same. 

For some who are not familiar with some of God’s promises. I have listed them below. 

·       his help and guidance,

·       his faithfulness,

·       our salvation,

·       wisdom,

·       peace, joy, and love,

·       riches in heaven,

·       adoption into his family,

·       strength and power,

·       his provision,

·       eternal life,

·       deliverance (from enemies, from danger, from temptation, addiction),

·       healing,

·       and renewal.

Tune in to the conversation!!

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