Aquí & Ahora (El TecnoLatino Habla)

Carlos Kokron (Qualcomm Ventures) & Juan Pablo Cappello ( ENGLISH

May 06, 2020 Juan Pablo Cappello Season 1 Episode 27
Aquí & Ahora (El TecnoLatino Habla)
Carlos Kokron (Qualcomm Ventures) & Juan Pablo Cappello ( ENGLISH
Show Notes

Carlos Kokron  was there for the “big bang” of the start-up  of the Latin American- venture- capital-- ecosystem when  (in 1999) he became the managing director for Latin America for Intel Capital, the Intel Corporation’s  investing arm. 

Since then, over twenty years ago Carlos has helped tech entrepreneurs build transformational companies - both in the US and in Latin America.   He has served on the boards and advisory boards of leading companies such as  99 Taxis, Ingresse, QuintoAndar, Loggi. 

Currently Carlos is the Vice President and Managing Director of North America, based in San Diego, CA of Qualcomm Ventures. Qualcomm Ventures is the corporate venture capital fund of Qualcomm with 140+ active portfolio companies

Carlos has the cross-cultural perspective that only someone who has lived for decades… worked for decades and developed a very successful career both in Latin America and the United States can bring to the table.

In the tech world Juan Pablo is known as one of the partners of, one of the first on-line banks that was bought by Banco Santander for more than US$700 million. Juan Pablo has co-founded, Lab Miami, Lab Ventures & Wonder (purchased in 2020 by Atari). He also publishes a widely read column on the TecnoLatino and continues advising entrepreneurs in the region from PAGLaw

The podcast “Aqui & Ahora” asks: What are the leaders of the TecnoLatino doing “here & now”? How are they facing the changes and challenges we are living? “Aqui & Ahora” offers tips for entrepreneurs, investors and supporters of the TecnoLatino.

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