Give Him 15 Plus | Insights with Dutch

Conversation with Chuck Pierce

March 25, 2020 Dutch Sheets Season 1 Episode 1
Give Him 15 Plus | Insights with Dutch
Conversation with Chuck Pierce
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On Wednesday, March 25, Dutch interviewed his good friend Chuck Pierce. On January 26, 2020, Chuck gave a prophetic word about a "massive plague-like invasion that will test us through Passover." Covid-19 is now affecting the whole world. What is God’s plan and what is HE saying about this virus? You don't want to miss this very informative podcast.

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Dutch Sheets:   0:12
I'm here today with my great friend, Chuck Pierce. By the way, I want you all to know that we are practicing social distancing. He's in Texas. I'm in South Carolina.

Chuck Pierce:   0:25
That is quite a ways.

Dutch Sheets:   0:25
That is quite a ways. We're safe and, you know, of course, we're going to talk about what everyone is talking about right now, and that is the coronavirus. More importantly for us in this podcast, we want to talk about what God is saying in this. I'm always asking myself in a situation like this, what is the enemy trying to do? What is satan trying to do? And what does the Lord want to do? It's like Joseph, you meant it for evil but God had a different purpose. So, what does God want to do in this? And I've been feeling from the time this started, this is all about, as far as God's part in it, it's about aligning the nation's for what is coming. I'm not implying that he's doing it. I know it's destructive, but God always has a higher plan than what the enemy has to bring his purposes to play. So we're gonna talk about that for a few minutes, and I just want to do a disclaimer right up front. I'm a little bit under the weather with an allergy situation. I probably sound just a little different today, but we thought this was important enough to do it anyway. So Chuck Pierce and I have been traveling around the nation and at times the world together for probably 20 years now. He's become one of my dearest friends and certainly one of the most trusted prophetic voices in the world. I've seen and heard this man give some amazing prophecies at times just literally shaking my head thinking... boy, that's pretty far out there. But I have so learned to trust Chuck's prophetic anointing and some of you may know that he actually gave a word that we now know, is pertaining to this, a few months back. So, Chuck, why don't you just jump in and tell the folks what you said? And if you have the exact phrase here, But you go ahead and talk about what you were hearing what you were sensing and then probably, I would love to hear what the Lord has been saying to you since then, because I know you're seeking the Lord on a regular basis about this. So just jump in and then I may add a few thoughts even in the midst of your narrative here.

Chuck Pierce:   2:51
Yeah, You just stop me, Dutch, anytime that you have something to add. First of all, I want to say that I can't think of anyone that I know that ha put out any more effort to pray for this nation than Dutch Sheets, for all of you listening out there, we owe a great gratitude. And in the midst of your trial that you've been going through, physically, we know you'll come back stronger than you've ever been before because probably by August of this year that we're in right now, we'll need your voice more than ever, to push through into what God is saying to us. I'll hit on that a little more before I get off. And it's really a prophetic word to you that I remember saying to you last year, but I'm seeing it now come into play. So let me say this, you know, you've known me for years. I live on a timetable that is a covenant time table. Always looking from the Hebraic calendar about what's going on. And not just the calendar, but the way the word is written around seed signs because the Lord always wants us to maintain a harvest mentality. Even in the midst of crisis, he wants to maintain this harvest mentality.

Dutch Sheets:   4:19

Chuck Pierce:   4:19
So that we can get back into increase. Now, that's the real issue. How will we move back into increase? So if we all are thinking that we're gonna have some great strategies that come forward from this time, of what I'm calling, a divine pause. Ah, that the Lord had the world in some Shabbat form, just like he put you, Dutch, starting about the same time frame in December.

Dutch Sheets:   4:46
That's the truth.

Chuck Pierce:   4:47
And into some sort of shabbat. So that's how intercession works. I have really stayed focused watching you because of the Shabbat form God has put us into saying I've got to get some things in order so that you have a greater strength as you move forward in days ahead. So let me back up and say last year, remember I asked the Lord in January what he was saying. I asked, "What are you saying about 2019?" And he said, "Plow through it." And you were gracious enough to meet me in about 26 different places. Enough to gather the remnant together across America all the way up into Alaska. To really encourage God's kingdom people, his watchman and his intercessors and profits and apostles to rise up and start watching in a new way.  Especially for this year that we're presently in. Now, for you who don't know Dutch made it all the way through that journey of going to 22 different regions and then some of those regions we met in two different places and I believe the toll of plowing was a great toll to plow up some things that needed to be plowed up. And so, as we ended that tour, Dutch had to have some sort of risk involved. Because we had plowed all year. Now, since we have plowed all year, where are we now? Since that ended in the year ahead, so then I go back to September,  really August of last year, 2019. In the midst of that, when I started hearing what the Lord was saying for this new era ahead. Now your brother probably has the best book on the new era ahead. There's about three books out there that are so good. And let me encourage all of you who are listening to this, Tim has a great book on the glory era that we've entered into. And Dutch has a book on the watchman anointing that is almost a must. It's a book that has been reissued and being reissued. Robert and I wrote a book called The Triumphant Kingdom and How the Apostolic Church is Rising up, Not the Megachurch. And those three books will help you a lot as you move forward. And they will give you a great understanding of what God's doing.  Now, in the midst of it, by September, we were entering into this new era of revelation. Now I say that because at Rosh Hashanah, you're crossing over into revelations that in the first month of the year it's God's dearest month of the year where he calls us to break old cycles and enter in to what he is announcing for the future. So that always comes about September each year, and that's when prophetic revelation start coming out. This year we started looking at the number 80 because in Hebrew it's the year 57 80. But I also started looking at 2020 because it became important that the two were aligned together, tremendously like never before, because you heard what does send at the beginning. This was going to be a year where the Lord started dividing the nation and actually looking at each nation and how they were responding to him. And so that's part of this new era.   

Dutch Sheets:   9:10

Chuck Pierce:   9:10
There has come a time when the Lord says, that nation is really responding to me, or this nation is really responding to me, this one is rejecting me more than it's ever rejected me. Now I'm gonna go ahead and say this, Dutch. I think the Lord has answered your prayer and I see this nation responding to him. I see America starting to respond to him, and I see that the division is getting longer and wider and therefore, people can just clearly look between the two factions that are in this nation.

Dutch Sheets:   9:55

Chuck Pierce:   9:55
And righteousness seems to be right. And you might want to say something here about that.

Dutch Sheets:   10:01
I see exactly that. I've been encouraging people, up until this time when I've had to pull back because of my surgery. I've been encouraging people that everything has shifted and in this new era we're moving into, it has become clear to me that God has raised up a remnant of intercessors and raised them to a very high level of maturity. When we would do gatherings, ah, when we used to do these 25 -30 years ago, we almost had to lead the people along one step at a time. When we do a gathering now, I find myself thinking that there are 50 people sitting out here that could be leading this meeting, and everyone, for the most part, is so in tune and knows what to do. What that has produced is this maturity in the prayer movement, in the prophetic movement, and the apostolic movement. We're seeing the fruit of it. We're seeing a nation turn now, and as a part of that, you're absolutely right. We're seeing this separation. I feel like even the things that took place in our nation before this, with the Russia controversy and the impeachment thing.  Some of this is as unhealthy as it was for the nation and for our president, has been drawing this line that has become such a clear line of demarcation and people are literally starting to understand. So you have this this group of people in America, obviously where we know many believers are. But now we have another entire segment of the population that is so tired of the direction we've been going and they're ready for change. And some of them don't even know what that change needs to be. I'm not even sure that our president knows some of the things that need to happen even though he's always trumpeting change. But what God is doing is preparing and setting the stage for what is coming.  I have also been been telling people that this is not just for America. My assignment is America, primarily, but I know that what God does here is not just for here. And I run with people like you who are called to the "nations",  plural. And so I'm very aware that what God is doing in America is directly linked in his heart and mind to what he's about to do in the nations of the Earth.  You touched on it at the very beginning, this great season of harvest, this increase. I love what you said. You always try to contextualize things in that, and that's what we have to do. We can't lose sight of the forest for the trees, to use a cliche. You know, we can't get so focused on this crisis, as believers and intercessors, that we are not able to step back and say, "What is God doing in this big picture?" So I totally agree with you, totally.

Chuck Pierce:   13:09
Even in  saying that, I mean all you have to do is see and look at statistics. We've had a lot worse crisis. We've had a lot worse flus. We've had a lot worse issues. I think the issue with this is the unknown capacity of it. When you're looking at this particular viral infection that is changing the course of the world, it's really the unknown factor of it. God is taking this and doing something with it that's causing nations to have to reevaluate how they operate. And that is so right. I do believe everything that you have prayed for:  the appeal to heaven, all of the things that you have done over this last decade, now it's coming into a culmination that is key. Now, look. Let me bank on what you were saying with the nation's, because I think that's one of the things that keeps us really, ah, as we get to come together and minister together, you have such a focus on what God is doing, and especially what you see him wanting to do in America. I've always gone to the nation's and traveled the nations.  Especially being called to both China and Russia. So, I have a lot of background and a lot of history with what is happening there. So this is what happened to me in September. I'm looking at what 80 is about. 80 is about our voice. It's about breath. We start sharing that here and look at what the crisis is over: Voice and breath. I mean, it really is what's going on....well, why. And how will the breath of God enter into nations. Well, now we're looking at it. I mean, it was said in September, we're looking at it.  And I have this long history of praying for China, usually by this time. And you know what? I've already been to China three times, ministering to some key leaders in various places there that help the church advance in China. So when God me 1986, he showed me China in 10 year increments. But he said this starting in 2020 and this has never left me and, you know, i've showed the charts before. I've spoken in Beijing with university professors over this. Starting in 2020, China makes their greatest moves towards economic domination worldwide.

Dutch Sheets:   16:07

Chuck Pierce:   16:09
So what a watchman does then, is in September we start watching China. How are they going to make this economic move worldwide and make people know that China has bought half the world up.

Dutch Sheets:   16:27

Chuck Pierce:   16:27
We've been to all those ports, the trade structure. Then knowing what the era was about when you're talking about breath and voice, how will we listen to the voices? and what Dutch was just saying to all of you, is that's how I'm discerning where God is in this nation. All you have to do is turn on the CDs or listen to somebody, and you're gonna be able to either hear the voice of God through them or you're gonna be able to hear the voice of the enemy trying to stop what God is doing.

Dutch Sheets:   17:03
That's absolutely the truth.

Chuck Pierce:   17:05
And, boy, I tell you it is getting clearer and clearer. So with that, one of the words linked with this decade was (?), pey is the word for 80. Well, that's the same word linked in the Passover. It's the same thought, Passover. So we were meeting up here. Robert and Linda and I and some of our prophetic teams at the end of August and all of a sudden the spirit of God fell on us and he said, "By passover this year you will be in a real passover."

Dutch Sheets:   17:48
Hmm, wow.

Chuck Pierce:   17:48
So, you know, we recorded it, we looked at it. We kept saying, I wonder what's gonna happen with this if the Lord is saying, and we've taught on Passover and this is what you have to understand about present truth or, when God speaks. We've taught on Passover every year. We've done huge passovers for the last 25 years. But he said, "This passover, that my people will have to understand passover and move across and enter into a new dimension of understanding the power of my blood because they will experience passover this year."

Dutch Sheets:   18:34

Chuck Pierce:   18:34
Now, with that I had to sort of step back and say, Well, what in the world is gonna happen with that?  

Dutch Sheets:   18:40

Chuck Pierce:   18:40
So when I saw this culminating coming out of Wuhan, China, I knew right then that, this is really the passover where the economic system of the world is realized.

Dutch Sheets:   19:03

Chuck Pierce:   19:03
And how we enter in as a nation. Ah, and the Lord went on to say this and I've gone over it and I think he's even seen it. The Lord went on to say this that, there would be, um, until a move of God, he was watching how the nations would receive a move of his spirit in a new way. Now, Tim talks about that. A new move of the Holy Spirit. I hear you just pounding it with everything you say. And the Lord said, "How a nation chooses to enter into a new move of my spirit is how I will stop the destruction that's coming against them." I mean, I don't know that God sends the destruction. We are in a fallen world. I think we've created, I think we allow a lot of stuff happen.

Dutch Sheets:   19:59

Chuck Pierce:   19:59
But I know this, God can stop.

Dutch Sheets:   20:01

Chuck Pierce:   20:03
If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and pray, God can stop it. So I I believe this Passover becomes the most turning point in history for the next move of God, and this virus will start shifting at the passover. And you will start seeing nations rearrange in how they're aligned with each other. Now I want to go ahead and say this prophetically, what the Lord had shown me in the 10 year increments leading to 2022. If China made this shift this year without God's people rising up in praise, they would have full domination,  economic domination by 2022.  

Dutch Sheets:   21:17

Chuck Pierce:   21:17
And this is what the Lord told me and Dutch, I know you've heard me say this, that America would end up looking like China by 2026. Now, this is what I want to say. We have a shot to make America be what it is supposed to be starting this passover.

Dutch Sheets:   21:35
Right, wow! That's incredible.

Chuck Pierce:   21:39
Matter of fact, you watch your physical beings start being totally restored after the week of Passover. You watch that happen. God looks at individuals, he can focus in on an individual and show you what he's doing. Watch your new strength start coming. Because if you'll remember, and this is what I'll share a little more on this week, Sunday morning. But remember, after I did the, "Lord what are you saying about 2019?" I did the same thing in January, which I don't always do. I got down and I said, "Lord, you know, you were so clear last year. I don't want to miss the turn of our calendars." Now, this is what's important. When I asked him what's going on in 2020 I'm usually asking about America, really, or at the beginning of the year because I've already seen sort of what he's doing in the world and with Revelations. I started asking on January the first, "What are you saying?" And the Lord spoke as clear to me as. I have ever heard him and he said, "Tighten your belts." And I said, "But Lord, everybody saying how we're going to enter in to prosperity." And he repeated again, "Tighten your belts."  And he said, "I I will teach my people how to do exploits as they enter this new season".  Now, that means they're gonna take resources and do things with them and make them into greater resource.  

Dutch Sheets:   23:29

Chuck Pierce:   23:29
Exploits are linked with miracles, but it's also linked with exploitation. And that took me back to how certain nations are going to try to exploit their strength. You can say what you want about America. America is one of the three strongest nations in the world, but I am seeing America trying to reorder it's strength and not exploit it.

Dutch Sheets:   24:02
That's a truth.

Chuck Pierce:   24:06
People, you have got to see this. For us to do what we're doing right now. That's a miracle, that's a miracle in itself, I mean, because we have been so materialistically  driven, and now we're pulling aside and saying, "Whoa, let's look at this".

Dutch Sheets:   24:25

Chuck Pierce:   24:25
Let's reorder this. Let's pull our workforce into a rest so that we can move forward. And so what's gonna happen? What this is about, when the Lord said, "Tighten your belt",, I knew he was saying, Economically, there has to be a great shift right now. So, as we cross passover,, I believe actually, we're at a new place. Now I'm gonna go to my words over you. I remember walking up giving you this word, and the Lord said, "Dutch, gird up your loins." That's the same phrase as, "Tighten your belt". Gird up your loins because, and,  it was a phrase that the Lord used for Elijah when he was battling Jezebel. And it means, Gird up your loins: Get a new strength around you with truth so that you have the strength to run the race to overthrow what needs to be overthrown. That's where your hit. Because God said that to you last November.

Dutch Sheets:   25:37

Chuck Pierce:   25:37
I remember walking up on one of the stages and saying, It's the same place our nation. is headed.

Dutch Sheets:   25:44

Chuck Pierce:   25:45
In the Bible, there's two phrases. We just found it this week, Ann was digging through some things. It says, "loosen your belt". And do you know what that means? And God says, "I will loosen the belt of nations". That means, he will make them lose their strength. But what God was saying to America in January was, Tighten up your belt and you'll gain strength for the race ahead. Same thing he's saying to you. Now, I do think China has had a great strategy in all of this. I don't think we can stick our head in the sand and just think, Well, that's just the virus sweeping through the world. No, there is more to it than that because satan will take advantage of the moment. He'll try to change times and seasons. He'll try to wear us out.

Dutch Sheets:   26:50

Chuck Pierce:   26:50
China is really looking to gain advantage economically, but it's more than that. It's philosophical, and it's how we worship. So I just talked with leaders, sent a message this morning. The leaders in China that said, What God is looking at is how the voice of the Kingdom of God comes out of time. And so how are you going to rise up with the right message and the right move of God that can affect the earth. Then, I look at America and see that...I don't know how to say this, but some of the things that have been done over the last year have really positioned us to come into our true identity for the next season.

Dutch Sheets:   0:00

Chuck Pierce:   0:00
And hell is raging over that.  

Dutch Sheets:   27:51
That's exactly right.

Chuck Pierce:   27:54
That's how I'm viewing all of this, that's how i'm looking at all of it. I don't know. I want to listen to this podcast because I know you will add a lot to it and I want to encourage people, when you get it, please let us know so that we can send it out.

Dutch Sheets:   28:13
Ok, I will, and I want to just add that... 

Chuck Pierce:   28:19
I want to see how he presses forward into what is ahead. And I do think by August we have a new voice, in this land. I think God's people are speaking in a new way.

Dutch Sheets:   28:32
Let me just add before you go that you did literally say, I believe, in January that a massive plague like invasion would test us through Passover. 

Chuck Pierce:   28:45
Well, you know, I'm like everybody else.  God said it in August, and I would allude to it. But you know, I'm not a doomsday pop.

Dutch Sheets:   28:55
No, no.

Chuck Pierce:   28:55
And I don't want to be that.  By January, I was getting more confident with what I was seeing.

Dutch Sheets:   29:04

Chuck Pierce:   29:05
So I didn't have a problem. I want to say this to you, you have to remember the first month is April. The first month is... Passover begins the first month.

Dutch Sheets:   29:19

Chuck Pierce:   29:20
We are actually beginning  that tonight,  right? Yeah, we're beginning passover tonight.

Dutch Sheets:   29:26

Chuck Pierce:   29:27
I mean the (?) begins tonight.

Dutch Sheets:   29:29

Chuck Pierce:   29:29
So, I want to encourage all of you: This is our time to push.

Dutch Sheets:   29:34

Chuck Pierce:   29:34
Push in the spirit. Your timing as always is perfect on this podcast. So I want to encourage you just to keep us moving and keep us praying. I love you all dearly. Tell Ceci that I love her and everybody aligned with you out there. I just bless them and thank God, we will be back out there with you before long.

Dutch Sheets:   30:00
All right. Thank you, Chuck. So appreciated.

Chuck Pierce:   30:03
I love you, Dutch.

Dutch Sheets:   30:04
Love you too. Wow. Let me just make a few comments to wrap this up. Summarize a few things that Chuck has said and add some of my thoughts. I won't be long to do that, but I do feel like it would be good to summarize some things and make a few comments. Chuck said this is the Passover that the economic system of the world gets realigned. That is such an amazing statement. And it's actually what happened at the first Passover, when Israel came out of Egypt and Egypt was plundered and God's people took the spoils. And I'm not implying by this that God's gonna take the money of poor people or nations around the world and give it to us. I'm just emphasizing ,reemphasizing,  this economic restructuring that he said would happen. It's going to be worldwide. He said that God is watching how the nation's respond to what he is doing. I believe that. He also said, how we respond as nations is how he will respond and stopping the destruction that's coming against different nations. So, whether or not a nation turns to the Lord in this time of crisis and and submits to him and his dealings and his principles in his word, will determine how much he is allowed to do in redeeming. God's not into judgment. God is into redemption. He takes no pleasure in the judgment of the wicked. Another way to say that is, he doesn't like judgment. He doesn't like to do it. He doesn't like it when it happens. His heart is not to destroy. He is not the destroyer.  His heart is always to redeem, and he's looking now, and I think this is a good word for for us individually, he is looking in this situation to see who will posture themselves in a way that will allow the redemption of the Lord into the situation.  In every way. Economically, physically, you know, any businesses, homes, families. How will we respond? Will we draw near to him? Will we separate ourselves to him and say, Lord, I submit myself fully to you in this. Now use me  and bring me forth in this in a way that would please you. The more that we do that individually and in his nation's, the more he is allowed to bring his redemption, just as he did it the first Passover.  Chuck's said this, Passover becomes the greatest, (and I can't believe he said, this. This is an amazing statement) becomes the greatest turning point in history for the next move of God. This Passover becomes the greatest turning point in history for the next move of God, and I believe that. I believe this is, in some way or another, a launch point for the greatest outpouring, harvest of souls and outpouring of holy spirit in the history of the world. And he said the virus will start shifting after Passover. I believe that, too. He said, and this he shifted just a little bit into his prophetic vision and understanding when God showed him what would happen with China over several decades. He said, that if we did not rise up in prayer in 2020, we being the church, China would have complete economic domination in the world, by 2026. He went so far as to say even America would look like China. And so I think, as they overplay their hand, he alluded to this. He said, We can't be so naive that we don't understand China's strategy in this. They're trying to gain an advantage, economically. I don't want to get into total conspiracy theory, but I'm not convinced that this has not been somewhat planned. The release of this thing in order to begin to regain the economic strength that  they had been losing over the last several months through some of the decisions our president has made. And he said, if something didn't happen to stop that and we didn't pray, it would basically take over the world economically by 2026. But he said, then we have a shot now to make America what it is supposed to be, and we are supposed to be the leader of the world's and it's not because we want the most or need the most. He talked about exploitation in America is not trying to reorder its strength in order to exploit the nation's. America's is moving back into our role as a giver and as one who the Lord uses to carry the gospel in to all of the nations of the world. And I would just say, you can love the nation's without being a globalist. That's  what God wants. God loves the nation's. He raises up nations, but he's not in the globalism. He's not into making us all one and think as one. And so, America can be strong as a nation without being a part of globalism. And I think that's what he's trying to do through President Trump and I think through this situation, that's what he's trying to do. And I think he's trying to stop this March that China has been on to really take over the world's farms. Economic domination. He then said two more things that I think are worth mentioning and emphasizing. He said about America, that are true identity for the next season can now come forth and I believe that. I believe this is about more than just recovery of health and finances. This is a recovery of identity.  A friend of mine had a dream recently. And in the dream he saw the layers of the earth, like you see in an earthquake where the layers have shifted and there's a huge chasm. And down in the chasm, he saw a large stone. But as he looked at it, it was becoming a diamond. And then, as he looked into it and these plates were pressing against this huge stone and it wasn't like a rock, it was like size of big building. You could see that in the stone that was becoming a diamond from the pressure was the White House. You could see in the diamond, the White House.  I think two things. I think it represents literally what's happening with our president and with the nation. God is using the pressure to refine and bring the precious. I think Trump is gonna grow through this into who God wants him to be as much as any time in his life. I think God's gonna use this to impact him greatly and mature him in many ways. But I also think the White House represents America returning to our destiny. Our purity, our diamond. If I can coin a word to say: that which were supposed to reflect and shine forth into the nation's. The love of God, the gospel, the salvation. I think we're about to recapture what God made America for in this next outpouring, this destiny as a beacon and as a trumpet voice of the Gospel and as a voice and strength for liberty around the world. That is coming. And then he said, by August, we will have a new voice in America. I believe that. I believe that we will have come through this process and be moving forward in a new strength and new purpose by August of this year. So I'm gonna be listening to the Lord. I'm going to be asking him for strategy. I'm not naive enough to think that means that the warfare will have ended. He wanted to say that hell is raging right now and I agree, because the shift that we are experiencing as a nation is very tormenting to the enemy. We have  60-70 years of evil momentum moving us away from our Christian roots and our destiny as a nation, and that is being interrupted in a significant way. The enemy is angry, very, very angry. The warfare will continue, and especially in an election year, the warfare work will continue. But God is not at the mercy of that. He is just going to keep using the prayers of the church to turn a nation back to him, and it will be in a remnant of the church. But those of us who our intercessors, who pray, keep praying. Don't be distracted by this virus and just turned toward yourself personally. Keep your focus also on the nation and the nation's, keep calling forth awakening, revival, the purposes of God, the kingdom of God, into the nation. His will, his kingdom will being done. Keep calling that fourth. Pray for our president, that what he needs to experience and understand will be given to him. That he has a significant strong encounter with Holy Spirit, that grips his heart and life and literally transforms him into a new person. I believe God is going to arrest President Trump in amazing ways to grab his heart, turn him into a passionate believer. One who follows after God with all of his heart so that he can use him in this coming era. So keep praying that for him and keep praying for our nation. We're gonna get through this and we're gonna move fully into purposes and destiny of God for this nation in the nations of the Earth. Greatest era in church history is not behind us. It is in front of us. And so I bless you with that. And I look forward to speaking with you again soon. I'll be processing all of this more and sharing with you on a regular basis through these podcasts, what God is saying. Thank you. Blessings.