Conversations With Dutch

A Message of Hope for America

April 17, 2020 Dutch Sheets Season 1 Episode 6
Conversations With Dutch
A Message of Hope for America
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My brother Tim Sheets joined me for this podcast. God gave him a profound word and vision in March 2019, where he saw what is now taking place with the coronavirus. Tim’s word from Holy Spirit during this God-encounter, his insights regarding angels, and his recent downloads from the Lord will give you incredible hope and direction during this challenging season. Join us for this episode as we dive deeply into the heart and mind of what God is saying to us. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Dutch Sheets:   0:11
welcome to conversations with Dutch. And today I have a very special guest and ah, you're gonna enjoy what he has to say and we're gonna, um we're gonna talk a little bit about what God is saying to the church right now into our nation. We're still in the middle of this Corona virus situation, but we all hear what the media says. We hear what the government officials say. The most important thing, however, is for us to hear what God is saying through this, because he always has a plan that is higher than what the enemy is trying to do. And he is not going to allow his agenda, his plans and his timing to be altered through this situation if we, the church, his acacia, his government on the earth, listen to him and do what he says. And I'm just going to preface all of this by saying I believe that it's happening. I believe the church, the Praying Church, has been rising up and staying strong in faith and that God has been and will continue to use us to not be reactionary but two act and determine what will take place as he leads us. So my guest today has already been used a good bit in this situation to speak to the body of Christ. He released a message that has reached tens of thousands of people around the nation with what God has. I've been saying to him, he is one of the people that was alerted by the Lord months before this, that something of this nature was coming. And it's especially, uh, that it's a special honor to have him today because it happens to be my brother, Tim Sheets, who pastors in Leeds work Apostolic Lee, I should say in Ohio. But over the last 10 years or so 15 years, the Lord has has, uh, just sort of expanded his calling to much more than just the congregation he leads in the Apostolic Base, but to the region and now the nation and even other nations. So he's written several great books. The best book that I know of on Angels Tim has written, and he's written a book on the new era of glory that's coming, and so it was gonna be a great time together. I wantto just say, Tim, thanks for taking the time to be with us today and share with us. What? The Lord has been speaking to you.

Tim Sheets:   3:24
It's good to be with you. Dutch. Um, honored to share. I actually, I'm excited. In my spirit, I sent something big. Is it is underway? Uh, I don't have ah feeling of gloom or doom at all, I believe. Revival. Yeah. Is that hand? I don't think that this career corona virus, uh, if he is going to stop anything God promised in these prophetic words, the prophetic dreams that we've had they're not going to be hindered by this. If if the explicitly a will ride and ah, I I'm like you, I feel they are. I almost sent a Nagre session on aggressive type. Face is starting to rise in the remnant. There's a boldness rising up, and, uh, I feel like this whole situation that ah hell have solved is actually gonna backfire on them. Um, I was thinking about this this morning as I was coming in to I talk to you. The Apostle Paul made a statement in Philippians Chapter one, verse 12. Um, in any wish, in jail, he was in confinement, which our nation is now in implying that were fined or homes, et cetera. But he said to them, Don't be a bed because this will go to the further in of the Gospel. And in verse 19 of Jeff, 20 said, This is gonna turn for our deliverance. Yeah, and, uh, in thinking about him being in consignment and comparing it to us. Millions of Christians are at home all day with nothing much to do, so they can pray and they could pray a lot. They can witness over the over Facebook. They can share their testimony and millions are being awakened to what they deep state is doing. What is happening in our world and the agenda of hell. And I see that is a good thing. It's an awakening for them to rise. And there's something about this. And, um, I do see that hell was probably trying to back up Oh, um, and wear it out. But if it's happening, it's having the opposite effect. I love what the message Bible, how it reads of what Paul said, Um, about him being confined to jail, he said, if the message bye they didn't shut me up, they gave me a pulpit and then and then in verse 60 said, I'm headed for a flourishing

Dutch Sheets:   6:42
Wow. Well, I believe so. That's

Tim Sheets:   6:46
the attitude weirdo have. And I believe that's what's gonna happen. They're not going to shut us up. No. And we're gonna have a flourishing finish.

Dutch Sheets:   6:57
Absolutely. Were

Tim Sheets:   6:58
Given a pulpit right now, the peak of the whole world. The necklace has been given a pollster, and people are wanting to hear what God thinks. They're wanting to hear a message of hope, and we have it.

Dutch Sheets:   7:14

Tim Sheets:   7:15
and they need to hear

Dutch Sheets:   7:18
it right

Tim Sheets:   7:18
now. Obviously, we're hearing so many voices, and this is gonna be a horrendous time. We're hearing what the scientists are saying. We're hearing what the media says, but but this God say and what God says is I have not lost sight of my plans for you. What God says is my equity is going to write and give my answer that that's what I'm I'm focused on. I believe we have enters. I believe the X list here that has been train or some, I don't know. 10 years or so now is now in its moment, Dutch,

Dutch Sheets:   8:01
just it's

Tim Sheets:   8:01
time for us to make our stand. It's time for us to rice from the train and begin the radio that. But I'm I'm really feeling that. And I'm not gonna encourage

Dutch Sheets:   8:16
Yes, your

Tim Sheets:   8:16
guys like you and Chuck and and the prophetic voices apostolic voices around our nation. You can sense that you can hear in their voice that they're not discouraged. They're giving a clarion call. It's time to stand up. It's time to declare the word of the Lord and it's time change things. And I believe that what we're going to do.

Dutch Sheets:   8:43
You know, I was I was on a conference phone call last night for almost two hours, and, uh, it was hosted by a mutual friend of ours, Clay Nash. Several leaders on but hundreds of people listening and, as always happens, they'll be listening again later because it's recorded. And, uh, I was I was really struck by the same thing. What you're saying there were There was no fear. There was no Uh huh. Disillusionment. Uh, obviously there was compassion. And there was There was there were prayers for people that are suffering hurting. There were there was talk about how to Minister them in compassionate centered it at center. But there was zero intimidation, fear, confusion. There I was struck by the fact that I am listening to a group of people that are they almost It almost felt like they were spiritual special forces, the others. They knew what they were doing. They they weren't intimidated. They were ready for whatever the assignment. Waas. And And I was really, um, encouraged by the fact that, uh, you know, I thought back to 30 years toward the end of the care charismatic movement, the last greatest out, you know, the great outpouring of the Jesus people movement, charismatic movement. And and I thought, you know, in that day there wouldn't when something of this nature and nothing this large took place. But when things traumatic events happened, there was almost a despair and a oh, if we could only get a word from God if there was only a prophet that could tell us what God might be saying right now. And I thought to myself, What has God done in the last 20 to 30 year? Oh, my goodness. There were dozens of people on this call. Every single person had a word from the Lord or more than one knew what he was saying. They weren't. They weren't listening to the enemy. They weren't listening to their in any fearful media barrage. They were. They were listening to the Lord and they had these profound, wise, mature of strategies and how to pray. And this is what's got what God is showing me. And I thought to myself, he has matured. An element of the body of Christ. Uh uh, even past maturing, he has restored apostles and profits. And now, and I just I'm so thrilled to say this There is no drought of the word of the Lord. We don't have no wonder we don't wonder what God is saying about about this. We didn't even have to wonder this time. Why were we taken by surprise? There were people like yourself that God had alerted about this months before It happened in Chuck Pierce and the assignment we did in at Valley Forge in Washington, D C. With which, you know, you were part of God's started sending me dreams and words from people in October of last year to prepare us for this journey. We didn't know anything about this virus. So there is a company of people. Now, I am just to just to piggyback on what you said. There is a company of people that God has ready and we should be encouraged. We're gonna We're gonna We're going to hear what he says, and we're gonna push this thing forward and it's not gonna hurt revival. It's gonna further revival in awakening and even people that are struggling and we know that's happening there, people out of work, there's economic struggle there. Some people that have lost loved ones. But what we have to do in this situation is say, Look, if we put our faith, our hope, our trust in him, we are like we are like Joseph, what the enemy meant for evil. God is gonna turn it into good. And this is going to further his purposes for the Earth and its going to further his purposes for us as well. And, you know, honestly, I'm not encouraging about a virus. I'm just encouraged by the response of the church

Tim Sheets:   13:21
brand. Weird. I'm the same

Dutch Sheets:   13:24
way I

Tim Sheets:   13:25
I feel like that God is so prepared us. And I know how many you say we're on the car last night, but all around it this whole region that I'm in and when I travel, it's everywhere. Dutch and I This is not just, uh this is not just a very small thing anymore. This necklace, DEA and I mean, you start talking about Matthew 16 in 18 or 19 the reigning church in the equity of 10 years ago. They looked at us like, What are you talking

Dutch Sheets:   14:06

Tim Sheets:   14:07
now? They are aligned with it and are declaring, like you said, very mature, very insightful words that are not based on their opinion. They are coming through doctor nor foundations from God's word And to me, that the game changer to me that's when revival can roll to me that when signs and wonders and miracles start So I'm encouraged because I believe we are now heading into the greatest season of breakthroughs the church has ever

Dutch Sheets:   14:43
seen Born

Tim Sheets:   14:45
that we've been proper starring the greatest part of us that we've ever never seen.

Dutch Sheets:   14:50

Tim Sheets:   14:51
this is going to backfire on the devil, Everything he does, you know that every

Dutch Sheets:   14:57
time I've

Tim Sheets:   14:57
ever done is backfired right across was the biggest backfire. He ever tried,

Dutch Sheets:   15:02
right? But

Tim Sheets:   15:04
even the persecution of the early church Oh, let's persecuted and scatter him everywhere.

Dutch Sheets:   15:10
And what happened?

Tim Sheets:   15:11
What happened? Churches. Nowadays, Your mind. I

Dutch Sheets:   15:14

Tim Sheets:   15:15
the night that biggest went wild and turned the world upside down. It didn't work. What happened with persecution in China from underground church explode.

Dutch Sheets:   15:26

Tim Sheets:   15:27
And say things plans backfire.

Dutch Sheets:   15:30

Tim Sheets:   15:31
so and and then we just have to and I don't know about you,

Dutch Sheets:   15:36
but I've

Tim Sheets:   15:36
become someone that actually talked back to the television accepted. You've got accept this as the new normal.

Dutch Sheets:   15:47
You know, I'm not

Tim Sheets:   15:49
accepting this, right, that this is not normal. This is abnormal. And I'm not taking that

Dutch Sheets:   15:56

Tim Sheets:   15:56
And I feel like I'm not the only one I

Dutch Sheets:   15:59

Tim Sheets:   16:00
so many of God's people. They're canceling them and they're declaring no God. So I'm just Yeah, I'm seeing things totally different than than what the world's presenting, right? I'm seeing revival in part.

Dutch Sheets:   16:16
Absolutely. Let me

Tim Sheets:   16:17
I think we're we're entering into our finest day Such

Dutch Sheets:   16:21
I really did. I did todo Yeah, let me read a portion of a dream. It was sent to me on the eighth of this month. April This you know that which was the literal Passover part, Passover day and course, the word of the Lord from many people was that this would the breakthrough would begin on Passover. And what what a better time if God's making a statement to do it on the day of the Passover Lamb, Christ is our Passover. We know that. And so what better day to begin a breakthrough of salvation, just as he did for Israel. But in this dream I was I was on a platform with hundreds of other leaders, obviously a huge gathering. And ah, the only other person identified in the dream was our our spiritual dad, Jim Hodges. And we were talking about the original intent of our nation. And, of course, I believe that was to be the greatest trumpet of the gospel that the Earth has ever had, and and of liberty as well and freedom, but to be a voice for the law to trumpet the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. And so we spoke about our history, past moves of God in and then current trends. But then there there's a statement that I made in this dream, which said during this pause, God is recalibrating our hearts toward him. Not necessarily just what it wasn't really ready referencing the people on the platform. All that would be true as well. But but the nation. And then I said, once the recalibrating is complete, a reset will take place.

Tim Sheets:   18:24
Oh my gosh.

Dutch Sheets:   18:25
And then there would be a fresh baptism of consecration. And, boy, this really just leapt up in me. That it was then be it would then be time for the fathers of the Acacia to release the spirit of adoption, which we know has to do with authority and maturity, releasing people into their destiny, their assignment as fully matured sons and daughter to release the spiritual or the spirit of adoption upon sons and daughters, and that we were to baptize them into this and release them into destiny. Well, I you know, I've been way boat. Many of us have known that what God is about to do will will at some point, grip the millennials and the younger generation. The campus is just as in the charismatic movement that Jesus people movement a part of it that there would be millions of them that would come to the Lord and and I believe we're about to move into that. But just to continue this, as in the dream, as when I stopped speaking Jim Hodges, who is just one of the wisest, most mature apostolic leaders that you and I would know yet, I mean, he's absolutely We've known him for 40 years and he's just There's no one like Jim. But no, he began to say, Faeroe, let my people go and he said it over and over and eventually the crowd begin to we create with him Fair. Oh, let my people go And I'm not sure if that's Ah, if that's a sort of a prophetic or symbolic picture of the religious system or or civil government or or evil humanistic forces that have tried to silence the church and keep us even as a nation from being all that God wants us to be, I think, probably all of the above. But he began this to decree that let my people go. And then he said, God is re constituting our nation and of course, that's the word restore in the New Testament

Tim Sheets:   20:44

Dutch Sheets:   20:44
literally means reconstitute. So just to back up the dream starts by saying God was recalibrating. Then he's gonna reset. Then he's going to reconstitute. He's gonna move us, went back to original intent. Original purpose. What we were made for and created for now. And this this This next statement goes back to what we were saying. How God has prepared a necklace here for this he said, God is going to reconstitute our nation as we follow the cloud by day the apostles and fire by night the profits. Then in the dream, the man having dreams saw a picture of a Time magazine and the front cover said million's baptized into their inheritances. The spirit of adoption is upon America. Wow! And I thought to myself, Tim, God literally said in this dream, the reason that I can't recalibrate this nation back to original purpose and intent is because I have fathers, mothers, apostles and prophets who hear my voice who know how to receive strategy for me who know how to raise up sons and daughters into their fullness, their destiny, not talking about control, not talking about, you know, ah hierarchy. Talking about serving a generation pulling him up into who God created to be so they can reform. And I believe these these apostolic and prophetic leaders are in placed him. I feel like we've moved into a place in history that, you know, I know the early church moved in this, but because of numbers and technology and what God can do now and there's so many more of us, the Earth has never seen has never experienced this before. We we are now going to be able to represent, you know, Ephesians four talks about the fivefold apostles, profits, Avengers, pastors, teachers. And then it goes on to say, that's when we can reveal the fullness of Christ because, yeah, those gifts, those aren't offices. And it's not a Harkey. Those as you know, our anointing zin gift ings and what they really are is Christ broke himself down into these five anoint ings and gave him to the church and on Lee. When you have the photos of his anointing Sze, can you represent the fullness of Christ? We're now moving into a time in history when the EC, Lissy and the Church has the ability for the first time and maybe ever to reveal the fullness of who Christ is in the earth. That is staggering.

Tim Sheets:   23:38
It is a good drink. And you, like you say that the technology being the way it is, you can give a word in the hole. The whole world can hear it. The plastic can get the strategy. It doesn't take months, years or writing letters and passed it around like the early church. They can get it. But tonight they can hear the word of the Lord. And still, the speeding, so of what we're able to function in right now is incredible. You said that happened April the eighth.

Dutch Sheets:   24:14

Tim Sheets:   24:14
that way. All right, um, let me tell you something you don't know from my damn point. And maybe it will speak to us prophetically. No, I was not going here today, but when you said April 8th, I've actually begin to share this. Um, April the eighth Dutch. And I've not even told you this. I woke up April the eighth, blind in my right eye.

Dutch Sheets:   24:47
Wow. Yeah, well, I

Tim Sheets:   24:50
couldn't see my eye could not see my hand. I I couldn't say anything, but there was no fear. There was no there was no anxiousness about it at all. I actually had a lot to do that day. I'm sure. I know people think we're sitting at home. Maybe during this prune of I I don't know that I've ever been this busy,

Dutch Sheets:   25:15

Tim Sheets:   25:15
But, uh, I have videos to do at conference calls and a prayer of meeting that night and in my attitude, just kind of like where this is a hassle and ah, but there was no fear. And my wife girl, she said, You got to call the doctor. And so I did. He said, Go to the emergency room. It could be a stroke. And I knew it, not a stroke. I actually thought this was some kind of a spiritual thing, but ah, finally called the eye doctor and you got me in that afternoon. Cincinnati Eye Institute. Long story short. Ah, a virus in my eye that it caused swelling. And, um and, uh, they get three per script, uh, prescriptions for it. Well, the next morning, I was getting ready to come into work toe to do some more videos and do some things, and I was in my office than I was praying. I'm a I'm a possible on a possible I don't think like the prophet, you know, But it suddenly struck me Dutch. I wonder if this attack against my vision is pathetic. And Ah, and I knew God had called it. But he is he wanting to speak to me through this, right? And so I said, Holy spirit, Do you have something to say to me through this and duck immediately? I was in the spirit. Well, I mean, I was in the spirit realm, and I know you know what I mean. Absolutely. And I began to stay in the spirit room, a vision that I've seen many kinds the last two years of Cry and his breakthrough angels that accompany him.

Dutch Sheets:   27:12

Tim Sheets:   27:13
there's an entire division of Angel Army's called The Breakers. The breakthrough angels. And there are millions in that division you might remember. Jesus had 72,000 of them with him when he went to the cross. He said, if I want to break out of this, I know how

Dutch Sheets:   27:33
they say we're there. Yeah,

Tim Sheets:   27:36
but he submitted to the will of the father. And of course you know Michael do 13

Dutch Sheets:   27:41
the breaker

Tim Sheets:   27:42
Messiah. The breaker goes before us to break us through. Well, for the past two years, I have seen these breakthrough angels, uh, many times this summer in Vancouver and many places in Canada, I would see them and then here in the United States. And here is the oasis. And these angels are easily identifiable to me. They're very powerful, but they carry, like, big wooden mallet like a sledgehammer. And when I sing them, they're striking the earth.

Dutch Sheets:   28:19

Tim Sheets:   28:19
just they're striking with such power that you feel that there you can feel the trembling of the sound of it in the fun of it. And when they strike the earth, they make a decree. This has happened every time I've seen them.

Dutch Sheets:   28:38

Tim Sheets:   28:39
uh, and the decree, if they strike the ground and they say, break up, strike the ground, break out and break through.

Dutch Sheets:   28:49

Tim Sheets:   28:49
Well, I've seen that many times Them we'll have Thursday now. The eighth was Wednesday, the next morning, and I'm starting to think Holy Spirit, What are you saying? Any of the spirit realm? I I saw a host of these breakthrough angel striking the ground. But this time, Holy spirit had them ad two words. This is never I've never heard this before

Dutch Sheets:   29:20

Tim Sheets:   29:20
I think these many times. But I believe that the prophetically to us, especially understanding this occurred during Passover and this time they were striking the ground and they said, Break up, break out, break through, asked over there and they just get saying that Break up, break out, break through, half over. Does that,

Dutch Sheets:   29:58

Tim Sheets:   29:59
And I thought of Chuck prophecy from last year that this will be a literal Passover and I still like something has shifted in the spirit realm.

Dutch Sheets:   30:14

Tim Sheets:   30:14
literally this past. Over. Wow! And the breaker Jesus, the Holy Spirit in his angels are decreeing you're get your eyes off of a virus. You're in the things that have break

Dutch Sheets:   30:29
up, break out,

Tim Sheets:   30:30
break through, passing over and possessing you're inherited thing. Possessing the new era is that Lou pass over into it on a and and I believe that these great through angels were actually activated into the world in Mass over by because we've entered into, as you said, a fullness of time. Prophetic words, dreams,

Dutch Sheets:   31:05
visions, promise.

Tim Sheets:   31:07
They have come to this moment, and a virus isn't gonna stop,

Dutch Sheets:   31:14

Tim Sheets:   31:15
for people who know their God for people who continue to trust him, which means our prayers are being hurt.

Dutch Sheets:   31:24

Tim Sheets:   31:25
it means the the necklace. CIA has taken its feet.

Dutch Sheets:   31:31

Tim Sheets:   31:32
with an anointing to prevail there, being seeded

Dutch Sheets:   31:37

Tim Sheets:   31:37
Christ, Authority on their lips and their decreased are being heard. And it's activating some things on the Earth. It's de activating some things on the earth. It's forbidding its permitting and holy spirit. I believe this thing. It's time for the breaking up of whatever is constraining.

Dutch Sheets:   32:01

Tim Sheets:   32:01
time to break out of that. It's time for supernatural breakthrough. It's time for us to pass over into a new era, and it's time to possess, which is what was happening, of course, a CZ you were referring to with our sons and daughters. What did they do when they passed over into the land? The next generation led the charge.

Dutch Sheets:   32:31
Well, I

Tim Sheets:   32:32
believe these break through angels on this. Paul is not setting up. It's not getting us back, actually setting about setting us

Dutch Sheets:   32:45
up. It's true, it's true. It

Tim Sheets:   32:47
must die of the breaker is never before

Dutch Sheets:   32:50

Tim Sheets:   32:51
us not to run with being Jesus under Holy Spirit. Supervision and power, assisted by angels. Break through. Don't look at the vision l is presenting

Dutch Sheets:   33:05
everyday on TV. Exactly.

Tim Sheets:   33:07
Look at the one Holy Spirit presenting We're entering Breakthrough seeks and supernatural breakthroughs were gonna happen. The attack against apostolic and prophetic vision Gonna back tie

Dutch Sheets:   33:23

Tim Sheets:   33:24
leading to the great. And I believe that what this was my I was

Dutch Sheets:   33:28

Tim Sheets:   33:30
the attack against the apostolic and prophetic vision

Dutch Sheets:   33:34

Tim Sheets:   33:34
gonna backfire, leading to the greatest harvest our kingdom has ever seen. It will be in Bern firm, but signs wonders and miracles. And then and I know this sounds weird to some people and, uh, really, I don't consider myself ah, profit at all. I'm on a possible,

Dutch Sheets:   33:56
But you're very again. You're sure.

Tim Sheets:   34:00
But after that and after, I begin to see this in the spirit. And maybe I know it wasn't in the natural, but I heard it like it was that loud. And, uh, we'll take it back to our high school days a little bit here. I heard the starting gun being fired

Dutch Sheets:   34:21

Tim Sheets:   34:22
that Start of a race.

Dutch Sheets:   34:23
Heard a

Tim Sheets:   34:24
starting pistol go off when you hear I heard this

Dutch Sheets:   34:28

Tim Sheets:   34:29
and it was telling May run,

Dutch Sheets:   34:32

Tim Sheets:   34:33
This is not a time to back up

Dutch Sheets:   34:35
while it's

Tim Sheets:   34:36
time to run this time to break through

Dutch Sheets:   34:39

Tim Sheets:   34:40
run, kinda run and And the last thing the thing totally different than what the world presenting. The amazing thing is you just and we've been talking about the SOS, the church. I'll be surprised you have with these prosthetic interceptors all over the place haven't heard a gun go off. I'll be shocked

Dutch Sheets:   35:05
in my

Tim Sheets:   35:06
att. Least the concept.

Dutch Sheets:   35:07

Tim Sheets:   35:08
no live. Time to go. So I feel that this this virus playing this it's setting up in. Like you said, we're being read that

Dutch Sheets:   35:23

Tim Sheets:   35:24
reconstituted to go to run difference to be different, to run with a different vision and goals.

Dutch Sheets:   35:34

Tim Sheets:   35:35
three step not just our lives,

Dutch Sheets:   35:38
Reese intonation, right.

Tim Sheets:   35:40
Resetting nation and set it up. Four. The greatest part of it

Dutch Sheets:   35:46
the world's

Tim Sheets:   35:47
ever seen.

Dutch Sheets:   35:48

Tim Sheets:   35:48
no, I wasn't gonna share that at all, but we used that April 8th. I'm

Dutch Sheets:   35:52

Tim Sheets:   35:53
Okay, this is a holy Ghost setup.

Dutch Sheets:   35:55
Well, I gotta

Tim Sheets:   35:56
tell him, because I was gonna tell you, you know, But I just I wanted to get my bearings a little bit

Dutch Sheets:   36:02

Tim Sheets:   36:03
you said that. I'm like, OK, Am I telling now?

Dutch Sheets:   36:05
Absolutely. I'm so glad you did. I mean, this is just an example of what I was saying earlier. We're not in a drought of the word of the Lord. He he has a people positioned that are able to hear they're able to I think with him, listen to him. And if weaken any situation we find ourselves in the key to victory in the key to destiny and fruitfulness is to hear what does God say? The key to faith is thio to know what is God saying. Because if I know what he's saying, I could now anchor to that. I can anchor my faith to it. I could let him bring strategy to me. And from the beginning of this virus, you know, people say, you know, they come to me. That's a what do you think's happening? What's what's going on? What what mean, what's gonna happen with this virus? You know, you try to comment, but my internally, what I was thinking and doing was was was saying I'm not I'm not really focused on the virus itself. I'm just trying to focus on the Lord and say, What are you saying through this? I know the enemy means it for evil. But what are you saying? You know you. You change the world through Joseph, you preserve the world and you preserved Israel through Joseph. You know, when the enemy met it for evil, when he was sold into slavery, God was using it to bring forth and race of people and preserve them. That would bring Messiah. It would save the world. And so my response was, Or what are you saying through this and I'm hearing people now that are absolutely engaged. Leaders are engaged. I'm like you have been busier than ever. I'm doing. I'm doing two more calls today. After after we do this podcast, I'm doing calls to talk about what is God saying? I'm leading this'd Evening. I'll be involved in a ah call with I think it's eight state leaders leading them in communion. And excuse me, and no one is alarmed. No one likes. No one liked what's happening, but no one is armed. Everybody's just saying, OK, what's God saying to this? We are positioned for what you just described. We're gonna pass over and we're going to possess The break in. The bringing out of Israel at Passover was not just deliverance. As you know. It was also a step forward toward their inheritance. And that's absolutely that's what God is saying to us. And that's what the Time magazine said in this dream Million's baptized into their inheritances. I tell you, Tam, let's think, man, it's it's goddess, You know he's doing this and you know, we don't always know what he's going to use sometimes to spark things or, you know, I don't know what what what's gonna happen. But it's It's very common. As you know, it is very common for for God to use, uh, cataclysmic events or, you know, when when the enemy comes in and tries to steal, kill and destroy, uh, it's often, especially those that don't know the Lord. It takes something like that, not implying he did it, but he uses it. It often takes something like that to get people's attention enough to say we need God way. We're gonna have to turn back to God in this situation and and you know and the world is Do it. I I watched, uh, you know, a local church that I'm connected with. I I watched the programme Easter Sunday morning, but I also watched Fox News for good bit and I was struck by how, huh? Blatantly, boldly, unashamedly. They promoted Resurrection Sunday two multiplied millions of people around the world. I mean, it wasn't water down, it wasn't, um, you know, just, you know, a token thing. And when I watched, uh, Franklin Graham and they said, You know, when I look in just a short while, he'll be doing a service from Central Park and do a little Easter message. You know, I'm thinking five minutes. Oh, good. They're going to give him an opportunity to thio, agree people and then Sprinkle a little gospel in for a couple minutes. They set up a piano there. You may have seen it. Michael W. Smith was at the key, and frankly, I understand there's nobody else there because of the social distance dating. You could see the Samaritans purse. Oh, you know, the tents in the background, the hospital they set up and Michael W. Singing about the cross, the resurrection and powerful, powerful songs. And Franklin Graham shares a gospel message. You know what this was for? 30 40 45 minutes, and I thought that myself. Millions of people around the world that don't know Jesus are watching this right now, and it right now so annoyed it and so powerful. And I thought, you know, here we go. God is taking this and then he's using it, and it's like you said, It's not It's what been a set us back. This is a launch.

Tim Sheets:   41:47
You do this? Yes, there it is. Something's launching and and there's going to be within the next. I believe the next 3 to 4 weeks there's going to be a dramatic change in our nation that's gonna take place. God is, uh, revealing. Same things prophetically to me concerning, um, some exposures, that air. I believe we're about to happen, Dutch, and and things were going to start being cleaned up, and, uh, you know, uh, maybe sometime we can talk about that because,

Dutch Sheets:   42:32

Tim Sheets:   42:33
there's there. The angel of the Lord came to me and and reminded me of some things on Easter Sunday morning, and that encouraged me so much. It's There's something major that's taking place. It's all coming together, E. I mean, it's all focusing on this season of time, you know? I like, like maybe you and others. There was kind these past 10 years when I thought, Are we really getting

Dutch Sheets:   43:08
rude? Right? Right.

Tim Sheets:   43:09
Are we making a difference? And, Roy, when the crisis thing here, they came out of the wood and I mean, they're like fireball. You know, sometimes you think would you come down a little bit? You

Dutch Sheets:   43:24

Tim Sheets:   43:25
I mean, they're ready to just fight.

Dutch Sheets:   43:27

Tim Sheets:   43:27
And that's how I felt. Easter. Yeah. You know, just like dreaming. I'm on my way home. I Sorry I got mad. I was Aah! Holy anger, Rose. Like, how dare you do this,

Dutch Sheets:   43:40
Devil, How

Tim Sheets:   43:41
dare you?

Dutch Sheets:   43:42

Tim Sheets:   43:43
am not going to go hide under my bed.

Dutch Sheets:   43:46
I'm not

Tim Sheets:   43:46
gonna dig the hole. Get a cave,

Dutch Sheets:   43:49

Tim Sheets:   43:49
This is my kind. I'm God, I don't e I wasn't put here to take Yes.

Dutch Sheets:   43:56

Tim Sheets:   43:56
I was put here to take care of this,

Dutch Sheets:   43:59
and, uh, it's also 12. That's where

Tim Sheets:   44:03
the equity is.

Dutch Sheets:   44:04
That's right.

Tim Sheets:   44:05
And we're gonna take care

Dutch Sheets:   44:07
of truck. Timonen. Jesus. Make why don't you take a couple of minutes and just pray over the church of the nation. Whatever room decree, whatever God puts in your heart, I may jump in for a minute or so. But let's see, end this with just ah ah, A prayer of agreement and some decrees over over the over the church in the nation in the nation's

Tim Sheets:   44:27
Mmm. Lord, we thank you that you are speaking to Ah, very clear, very hopeful word. And I ask God that you would strengthen your people to rise in this time and define this moment. Pray God that in this nation right now, you would give strength and understanding to our president. Lord, would you visit the president of the United States?

Dutch Sheets:   44:58
Yes. And

Tim Sheets:   44:59
give him wisdom. He's gotta be tired. Lord.

Dutch Sheets:   45:02

Tim Sheets:   45:03
The pressure on this man, he's got to be tired but supernaturally infused him with with strength.

Dutch Sheets:   45:12

Tim Sheets:   45:13
weed away from him. Any ad buy or any demon strategy

Dutch Sheets:   45:20
that would be

Tim Sheets:   45:20
whispered to him in any way, shape or form, and give him godly counsel or

Dutch Sheets:   45:26

Tim Sheets:   45:27
And I pray God that he naturally has the boldness. But may a supernatural boldness rise in him with an understanding behind it. Someone somehow getting through to him, Lord, that this is what you have to say about

Dutch Sheets:   45:43

Tim Sheets:   45:43
and letting decree it boldly let his enemies be scattered.

Dutch Sheets:   45:48
Yes, yes.

Tim Sheets:   45:49
And let the awakening that you have planned for the United States and the end Higher

Dutch Sheets:   45:55
world. Yes. Let

Tim Sheets:   45:57
it begin week into into every nook and cranny. I pray, God, that this would be a launch. We declare lunch in Jesus name, we declare

Dutch Sheets:   46:09

Tim Sheets:   46:09
aggressive response of the equity. Let a unified, unified voice rice of 30 boulders and such clarity that it startles the world. It it startles our adversary. And it caused demons to come down from there. Thrown in Jesusname, Lord Slee declare, The time has come and we are goingto answer the timing of the Holy

Dutch Sheets:   46:39
Spirit. Yes, we will

Tim Sheets:   46:40
rise and define this moment. We refused to remain passive in any way, shape or form.

Dutch Sheets:   46:48

Tim Sheets:   46:48
and we choose Lord to set our eyes and our focus on the plan that you have clearly put before us and through the wisdom that you have given to us. Lord, the theory is that you have given the fathers of of this paint lord in our times right now that indeed God, we would launch the sons and daughters to go and be who God has prepared them to be to go and fulfill purpose so and fulfill desk go and signs, wonders and miracles. Let us Lord be the ones that just keep him in the perimeter, crave them through Lord and pushed them. It is Time, Lord, for the push in every area of the push for revival the push of sons and daughters

Dutch Sheets:   47:40
as a

Tim Sheets:   47:41
push of awakening the Khushi Lord for the greatest days in church history. Let that be the focus now, God, may we be unified in a supernatural agreement while we are distant thing. There is agreement coming in

Dutch Sheets:   47:57
the spirit realm, Lord.

Tim Sheets:   47:59
Now and we are saying we're setting ourselves in agreement to turn this world around and seeing the purpose of the plan of the whole experience come to fruition and accomplish exactly what God wants done.

Dutch Sheets:   48:17

Tim Sheets:   48:18
declare that in King Jesus name?

Dutch Sheets:   48:21

Tim Sheets:   48:21
thank you, Lord.

Dutch Sheets:   48:22
Thank you. We did

Tim Sheets:   48:23
creating your name Lord

Dutch Sheets:   48:25
Louis. Thank you, Lauren. Man, a man in Lord, just just tow Iraq Thio to conclude. I just say, with with what you spoke to Tim and what they ate. What? He heard the angel saying, We're going to break up, break out, break through and Passover and possess. We're being recalibrated were being reset, and this nation will be reconstituted back to your holy purposes. And the Earth is going to receive this great revival. And millions. I believe a 1,000,000,000 souls, at least, are coming into the cam in this hour. We didn't create it in the name of Jesus.

Tim Sheets:   49:11
Thank you.

Dutch Sheets:   49:12
Hey, Mel. Thank you, Lord. Why? I met a man. Tamar. What a great great time together. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening. Thank you for hearing. Thank you for all that you do. It's just a joy to have you as a brother and two run together. And I just appreciate you so much. And the blessing given you bet, man. We'll do this again.

Tim Sheets:   49:34
Let's do it again.

Dutch Sheets:   49:35
All right. We love all of you. We bless you In the name of Jesus.

Tim Sheets:   49:38
Yeah, we do a man

Outro:   49:40
a man. Thank you for listening to this broadcast from that Sheets Ministries. If you would like more information about us or if you've been impacted by this podcast, would like to sell into the ministry. Please visit our website at Dutch sheets dot org's.