All God's Women

Ichabod's Mother: The Glory Departed (replay)

June 05, 2023 Sharon Wilharm
All God's Women
Ichabod's Mother: The Glory Departed (replay)
Show Notes

We’ve covered many women who inspire us to greatness because of their faith. Today we look at a woman who teaches us through her lack of faith. I wish we knew her name, but though we know her husband’s name, her father-in-law’s name, and her son’s name, God didn’t seem fit to share with us her name. Perhaps it’s because as a nameless woman she represents so many women filling the pews in churches every Sunday.

We find today’s woman in 1 Samuel. She gets 4 verses in the Bible, and all of those are related to the birth of her son. So who was she and why was she included?

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Original airdate July 2020

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