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The Medium of En Dor: An Unexpected Lesson (replay)

June 12, 2023 Season 5
All God's Women
The Medium of En Dor: An Unexpected Lesson (replay)
Show Notes

Have you noticed how kind and caring the world has become? Some of the most ungodly individuals are claiming to be the most compassionate, while Christians are portrayed as judgmental and hateful. What does all this mean?

In today’s episode  we look at one of the most unusual stories in the Bible. We meet the Medium of En Dor, a kind woman engaged in a dangerous profession. From this most unlikely source, we can gain insight as to how we as Christians should be treating those around us.

In 1 Samuel 28, we find King Saul desperately seeking direction for his life. The prophet Samuel was dead, and when Saul called out himself to God, the Lord didn’t answer him. So in true Saul fashion, he took matters into his own hands

Although he had driven out the spiritists from the land, his servants told him about a woman in nearby En Dor who conjured up the dead.

The woman of En Dor was not a godly woman. She was a pagan woman who made a living as a soothsayer. We’re not sure if she was actually dealing in the occult or if she was a fake, pretending to talk to the dead, but really just deceiving unsuspecting individuals. Either way, she’s not someone we would think of when we think of godly women, and yet, we can learn much from her.

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Original airdate: August 2020

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