All God's Women

Bonus Episode - Zeruiah

November 10, 2020 Sharon Wilharm Season 1 Episode 43
All God's Women
Bonus Episode - Zeruiah
Show Notes

Hi and welcome to All God’s Women. I’m Sharon Wilharm, your host, and it’s day 10 of National Podcast Post Month.

Today we look at Zeruiah, half-sister of David. She’s mentioned 25 times in the Bible and yet we’re not anything about her other than her relationship to  David, her husband, and her sons. 

Either her husband died young or else Zeruiah was the more prominent member of the marriage because whenever her sons are mentioned, it’s always that they were the sons of Zeruiah with no mention of her husband.

Zeruiah lived a life in the shadows. We have no record of her doing anything other than raising three sons. And yet, 25 times her sons are listed as being the sons of Zeruiah.

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