All God's Women

Bonus Episode - Two Mothers

November 14, 2020 Sharon Wilharm Season 1 Episode 47
All God's Women
Bonus Episode - Two Mothers
Show Notes

Hi and welcome to All God’s Women. I’m Sharon Wilharm, your host, and it’s day 14 of National Podcast Post Month.

So now, I warned you, today’s story is not pretty. In fact, it’s quite disturbing. But it’s included in the Bible for a reason, and as gory as it is, it’s a message that needs to be shared. 

In 2 Kings 6 verses 26-30 we meet two mothers. Earlier in chapter 6 we find unrest between Israel and Syria leading to the king of Syria gathering his army and besieging Samaria. Add to that there was a famine. The economy reached the point where a donkey’s head sold for 80 shekels of silver and a fourth of a cab of dove droppings sold for five shekels of silver. Donkey heads and dove droppings! People were desperate!

These were dire times. But when mothers nonchalantly kill their children and think nothing of it, something is wrong. When mothers sacrifice their sons to serve themselves, there’s a bigger problem than lack of food. It’s no wonder the king tore his robes and went around in sackcloth.

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