Perfectly Unfiltered

013: Rick Thurston, General Manager, WFS Ltd.

January 25, 2021 Nour Hachem-Fawaz Season 1 Episode 13
Perfectly Unfiltered
013: Rick Thurston, General Manager, WFS Ltd.
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #013 of Perfectly Unfiltered! 

In this episode, Nour talks to Rick Thurston, the General Manager with overall responsibility for both the Canadian and U.S. business at WFS Ltd.

In this episode: 
🚛 Rick talks about his takeaways working with Build a Dream
🚛 Why bravery is important to change biases
🚛 Advice he has to parents to reshape conversations they have with their daughters

Rick began his WFS journey in 1984 as a delivery driver, working his way through numerous roles in operations, sales, branch management and the board of directors until taking on the role of President in 2007. 

Throughout his career, Rick has consistently driven one simple founding vision, that there has to be a “better way”. A better way to treat customers, a better way to treat team members and a better way to treat our communities. This culture made for an extremely good fit when joining Grainger whose stated purpose is to “Keep the World Working”, with principles devoted to starting with the customer and doing the right thing. Rick holds a bachelor of arts degree with a focus in History from Western University, in London, Ontario. 

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