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#23 Ferdinand Goetzen: Head of Growth at Recruitee/ Ex- Growth Hacker at Growthtribe II Influencer Marketing II Affiliate marketing II Leading the first A.I. Marketing course in Europe!
October 28, 2017 Abdul / Ferdinand Goetzen
Ferdinand Goetzen: Head of Growth at Recruitee/ Growth advisors at pynx/ ex-growth hacker at growthtribe based in Amsterdam Recruitee: offers an all-in-one hiring platform that helps teams of all sizes optimize their hiring process: from candidate relationship management, employer branding, job posting, candidate sourcing, to applicant tracking, and anything in-between. Podcast Interview Questions How was it enrolling into the first A.I marketing course in europe at growth tribe, what did you learn and how did you find the course? Can you touch base on affiliate marketing, is it worth it for startups to invest into such a channel for quick growth? Should they do it in-house or outsource it? Or you think there are better quicker channels to go after for at first like paid search and paid social? Once starting at recruitee what did you do to start working on growth, how did you structure experiments what will you run and how? What did you use to keep track of all your experiments? What is the growth framework you would use to run experiments at Recruitees. If you would be working on paid social for a B2C firm with the audience being a very wide range what social platforms wouldn't you go after and how would you go about executing on any campaigns? If you would run paid search campaigns what would your process be in starting out? What’s your growth marketing stake look like and what do you use for? Lastly, what’s your take on influencer marketing and do you think it’s worth people using as a channel for growth? If yes can you recommend some tools or agency to hire to perform do that? Last but not least what are podcast/blogs/youtube channels do you recommend our listeners to check out? Growth Marketing Podcast
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