Nina Dar. The Change Troubleshooter

Trailer for Episode 6: Disrupt or be Disrupted

August 03, 2020 Nina Dar Season 1 Episode 6
Nina Dar. The Change Troubleshooter
Trailer for Episode 6: Disrupt or be Disrupted
Show Notes

 Do we have unrealistic expectations of digital transformation set by the disruptors? Or have they set an expectation the competition has to respond to? Nina, Simon and Nick have over 75 years of combined experience in this field. Their conversation tackles the top barriers to change and provides insight into what they would do differently. 

In this episode Nina, Simon and Nick talk about the permanent, irreversible tech transformation that has come from the disruptors of Silicon Valley. Air BnB, WhatsApp, Facebook, Netflix, Apple etc have created transformational change in the way people live, work and play.

All of the disruptors are new creations, there is no doubt that transforming heritage organisations is harder, even when they come up with new ideas. We all love to talk about Kodak and Blockbuster, both of which had opportunities to transform with industry-disrupting innovation, but didn't, with tragic consequences.

Nina, Nick and Simon discuss the top barriers to change and talk about the need for transformation programmes that balance people, process and technology, something that is talked about all the time and they wonder if it's lost its meaning.

They also talk about how existing organisations can create digital transformation programmes when they have barriers the new creations just don't have.

It's clear from their conversation that we must try harder to incorporate A Human Approach to Innovation and Change which is needed to balance people, process and technology.

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