Nina Dar. The Change Troubleshooter

Does Sustainability Start at Home?

March 05, 2021 Nina Dar Season 2 Episode 2
Nina Dar. The Change Troubleshooter
Does Sustainability Start at Home?
Show Notes

Does Sustainability start at home?  Guests: Bob Barr and Zoe Cohen

Welcome to a brand new season of The Change Troubleshooter.  This 2nd season of the podcast focuses on Sustainability. Something we all need to focus on a lot more!

We kick off the season with this episode, Does Sustainability Start at Home?  Nina is joined by, Zoe Cohen and Bob Barr.

Zoe Cohen, Director of Shine Coaching and Consultancy, is a highly experienced Master Coach who has worked with senior leaders and their teams across every sector in the economy. 

Zoe has run her successful coaching practice for over a decade. Zoe has been passionate about sustainability all her life; in 2014 she co-founded and was the volunteer Chair of a community energy company for three years. 

Zoe is a Carbon Literate coach and her work is expanding into the human, behavioural and psychological aspects of climate change awareness and action. Zoe is also an active member of Extinction Rebellion and dedicates a significant proportion of her time to activism.

Bob Barr is a Lymm Parish Councillor and Opposition Leader on Warrington Borough Council. He also chairs Lymm Community Energy  .

 By profession Bob is an urban and social geographer specialising in geographic data science and open data. He worked at Manchester University for 30 years, is currently a Visiting Professor at Liverpool University and founded the university spin-out, Manchester Geomatics. He was a member of the Cabinet Office Open Data Group, the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information and the Social Exclusion Unit’s ‘Better Information’ policy action team.

 Bob has a lifelong interest in sustainability issues. As a Board Member of Helena Housing, a major regional Housing Association, he championed sustainability on the Board and became Chairman of Caribou, a not-for-profit sustainable warmth and flood resilience company. 

 Nina uses her home village of Lymm as a case study on how sustainable the place where she lives actually is. Both Zoe and Bob have been commited to a number of local initiatives over the years, but is that enough to make Lymm a sustainable village?

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