Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast

Talking Men's Mental Health

May 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1
Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast
Talking Men's Mental Health
Show Notes

Men's Mental Health

Men report lower levels of life satisfaction than women and have high suicide rates, yet represent only one third of patients representing to Practitioner Health.

To discuss some of the barriers that men face Dr Andrew Tresidder from Practitioner Health and Dr Ed Rainbow from Mensmindgp sat down for a chat about men's mental health.

The podcast covers:

  • Ed's story as a male GP of experiencing, anxiety, burnout and depression and reaching out for help
  • The barriers that men face getting support.
  • The lifestyle changes that we can implement to help us in our wellbeing.

Dr Ed Rainbow runs, where he works to support men with their mental health and provide lifestyle solutions for men.  Dr Ed Rainbow is a GP, medical doctor and speaker.

Dr Andrew Tresidder works as a clinician for NHS Practitioner Health. Andrew is a Somerset-based GP and MRCGP with a particular focus on the health of physicians with a focus on the preconditions for returning to psychological and physical health.

NHS Practitioner Health is a confidential mental health service that provides mental health support to health and care professionals across England and Scotland, you can find us on our website at

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