NHS Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast

Understanding your Emotions - Anxiety

November 30, 2022 NHS Practitioner Health Season 2 Episode 2
NHS Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast
Understanding your Emotions - Anxiety
Show Notes

Healthcare workers go through uniquely challenging emotions during their work. From anxiety to stress and guilt, navigating the emotional journey can be very difficult.

In this series, our medical director Dr Zaid al-Najjar talks to two expert therapists to create a map to guide them through some of the many emotions they may find challenging their jobs.

 Between them Dr Zaid al-Najjar, Ruth Deighton and Simon Lyne have decades of experience treating mental health professionals and have come together to pool their experience of treating healthcare workers into this podcast. They have built a framework for practitioners to understand and process complex emotions and worries in their job and personal lives.

Episode 2 of the Understanding your Emotions podcast covers anxiety, worry and mistakes covering how we can deal with the existence and stakes of mistakes in our work.

Anxiety is the most common issue that patients tell us about at Practitioner Health.

We hope you enjoy this series and take something away that can help your wellbeing.

If you are struggling as a healthcare worker in England or Scotland, please get in touch with NHS Practitioner Health, we help health and care workers confidentially and for free.

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