NHS Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast

Happy Human Beings

January 13, 2023 NHS Practitioner Health
NHS Practitioner Health Wellbeing Podcast
Happy Human Beings
Show Notes

How can we be happy human beings rather than human doings?

Dr Andrew Tresidder and Dr Ed Rainbow give us an approach to take on our days to break up the cycle of human doings and the pitfalls of our everyday lives.

On the way they talk about the ladders, the tribes, the holes and the wheels, what exercise does for us and how two doctors take on busy lives whilst avoiding feeling rundown.

Dr Ed Rainbow

Dr Ed Rainbow is a Locum GP with a passion and drive for supporting men's mental health and the mental health of doctors all around the country. Ed uses his own experiences of burnout as a GP to help inform others and share his expertise on how we can stop more doctors being burned out.

You can find Ed on his website or on LinkedIn

Dr Andrew Tresidder

Dr Andrew Tresidder is a GP and author who helps healthcare workers through Practitioner Health. He shares his expertise on helping practitioners and promoting wellbeing with us. You can read Andrew's book on health and self care for free here.

If you are a health and care practitioner in need of mental health or addictions support you can access Practitioner Health via our website.

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