Podcast update and announcements!
The Alternative Travelers Podcast
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The Alternative Travelers Podcast
Podcast update and announcements!
Jul 02, 2021

Today we have a quick update announcing some upcoming changes with the podcast and something we could use your help on!


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Episode Artwork Podcast update and announcements! 14:11 Episode Artwork 64: Getting More Out of Your Travel 37:37 Episode Artwork 63: The 7 Leave No Trace Principles 27:10 Episode Artwork A quick update from NYC! 3:58 Episode Artwork 62: Responsible Road Trippin' 53:02 Episode Artwork 61: Alternative Destinations: Buffalo, New York 1:07:29 Episode Artwork 60: Deep Diving into Cruise Travel 50:56 Episode Artwork 59: All About the Covid-19 Vaccine 23:51 Episode Artwork 58: Sustainable Concepts: Tourism Leakage 30:20 Episode Artwork 57: Making Sustainable Choices Through Food 53:58 Episode Artwork 56: Everyone is an Influencer 21:52 Episode Artwork 55: Urban Exploring by Bike 48:11 Episode Artwork 54: Planning for Future Travel 33:01 Episode Artwork 53: Introducing: House Sitting Travel 13:24 Episode Artwork 52: AMA episode: Celebrating 1 Year of Podcasting By Answering YOUR Questions! 55:28 Episode Artwork 51: Lessons Learned from One Year in a Pandemic 30:14 Episode Artwork 50: Ethical Online Etiquette and Constructive Criticism 25:39 Episode Artwork 49: Travel Shaming: Flygskam, Coronavacations, and more 38:45 Episode Artwork 48: Traveling by Book 36:41 Episode Artwork 47: Walking 500 miles/1000 km on the Camino de Santiago 1:19:47 Episode Artwork 46: What We've Learned After 6 Years of Traveling + Working Together 53:02 Episode Artwork 45: The Myth of Free Travel 42:12 Episode Artwork 44: Embracing the Seasons 41:52 Episode Artwork 43: Travel Hacking with Points 42:09 Episode Artwork 42: Maintaining Friendships Remotely 41:26