Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

Sanskrit Mantras for Restoration of World Dharma

February 24, 2022 Jill Jardine Season 5 Episode 108
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
Sanskrit Mantras for Restoration of World Dharma
Show Notes

Welcome to our 108th episode!  108 is a spiritual number in Vedic teachings and has an astrological origin.  108 equals the 12 astrological constellations times nine Vedic planets.  The nine Vedic planets are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon).  108 is the number of beads or seeds on a mala, the necklace we use to count mantra japa, the repetition of Sanskrit Mantra.

My Mantra Guru, Namadeva Archarya, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, beamed down at me from Vaikunta (high Vedic heaven) and informed the direction of this show. Namadeva left his body in 2010 giving us an amazing Sanskrit legacy, including the stack of mantras featured in this podcast: Sanskrit Mantras for Restoration of World Dharma.

At the time of the taping of this episode Russia invaded Ukraine.  This is an outworn time-line playing out in the 3rd dimensional matrix instigated by an old paradigm oligarchical leader.  Interestingly, the invasion was initiated after the date, 2/22/22 which I dubbed the "Day of the Planetary (Ascended) Masters."  The spiritual light pulsing into the planet is strong.  The 5th dimensional grid of love and unity consciousness is being anchored on the Earth overlaying the 3rd dimensional matrix.   These lower frequency energies guided by the little wills of Men holding on to the past and being blasted out by higher frequencies of light.  Unfortunately, they do have to play out in real time as crisis of war.

There is a planetary war occurring between Venus and Mars during February-March 2022.  Amazing when the planets mirror reality and the archetypal energies are reflected in current events.  Russia is playing the role of archetypal aggressive Mars, bullying it's way into Ukraine. The United States was trying to prevent his with Venusian diplomacy to keep the peace. 

What can we do as global citizens when the World seems to be going awry?  We can perform an ancient practice that has been on the planet for thousands of years coming from Ancient India.  Chanting Sanskrit Mantras can mitigate negative outcomes .  Sanskrit is a vibrational language that infuses the chanter and quantum field with the qualities of the mantra such as love, health and peace.

Mantras for Restoration of World Dharma:

1)  HUNG VAJRA PHAT: (Huungg Va-jra Paaht)
"By the power of will, I invoke the Thunderbolt of my mind."
Tibetan Buddhist mantra invoking Vajrapani, one of the three main protective boddhisattvas. who drives away negative influences

2) OM VAJRA SATTWA HUNG:  (Ohm Va-jra Sat-vah Huunngg)
"I invoke the supreme purifying power of the universal mind, repository of all accomplishing and irresistible compassion taught by the great Boddhisattvas, Rinpoches and Rishis."
Invokes Vajra Sattwa, the great purifier in Tibetan Buddhism. This mantra purifies karma and brings peace and enlightenment.

(Ohm I'm Hreem Kleem Chah-moon-da-yay Vee-chay Na-ma-ha)
"Om and salutations to Her (Chahmundi) who is radiant with power and wisdom. I rejoice over invincibility and victory over evil. "

4) OM CHANDIKAYEI NAMAHA:  (Ohm Chandi-ka-yay Na-ma-ha)
"Om and salutations to Her who is fierce to the despoilers of the world.

5) OM VIRAHAYA NAMAHA:  (Ohm Veera-haya Na-ma-ha)
"Om and salutations to HIM who destroys evil for the Protection of Dharma.

6)  OM SHANTI OM - OM SHANTI OM:  (Ohm Shan-tee Ohm, Ohm Shan-tee Ohm)