Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

5th Dimensional Consciousness

March 25, 2022 Jill Jardine Season 6 Episode 111
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
5th Dimensional Consciousness
Show Notes

This episode describes 5th dimensional consciousness. and how to access it.  It’s all the rage in New Age speak, but few seem to be able to describe what they mean by the 5th dimension.   The keynote for 5th dimensional consciousness is : "WE ARE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT."  WE ARE ALIGNED TO OUR HIGHER SELF, and life flows with an ease and grace.  Things come to us as we need them, and we have an inner confidence or assurance that the UNIVERSE IS TAKING CARE OF US.

Jill describes the 9 dimensions of consciousness as outlined by Barbara Hand Clow in her book, The Alchemy of the 9 Dimensions.

We can exist on multiple dimensions simultaneously.  The multi-dimensional model is not hierarchal or linear.  We leave linear time & space when we pop out of the 3rd dimension.

 The 5th dimension is  an elevated, brighter, and lighter version of 3-D  Earth. It’s as if Earth split away from the 3rd dimensional matrix and simultaneously existing on a higher vibration that is less dense, very elevating of mood and consciousness and one feels very aligned with flow and grace and peace. Things that are in alignment for us manifest quickly and there is no mind work involved.  It is a heart - centered reality.  Therefore to access it we must keep the emotions are balanced and calm. 
The Shumann Resonance is known as  Mother Earth’s heartbeat by Indigenous elders.  The frequency of the Shumann Resonance is 7.83 HZ.  The frequency of 7.83 HZ also corresponds to an alpha/theta brainwave in a human brain - which is a zen like frequency. Functioning in alpha & theta brain frequencies allows one to access 5th dimensional consciousness.

Jill describes the brain wave model:  BETA - waking consciousness, ALPHA -relaxed state with link between conscious and unconscious mind, THETA-inner peace and deep relaxation state of bliss and contentment and DELTA- favoring deep sleep & somnambulistic stateWhen we get down to the ALpha/Theta brainwave - we go into a pseudo altered state that feels very dreamy and relaxed - this is the brainwaves under which someone can be hypnotized.  When we reach this state we can connect deeper to Mother Earth who is transitioning into a 5th dimensional frequency.  When we are running around and stressed out we can’t access 5th dimensional consciousness. 

Here are some ways that you can activate and access your 5th dimensional consciousness:

 Let go of past and heal subconscious patterns. This includes deep healing of wounds from the past including healing the wounded inner child or younger selves.  One must do some deep inner work and healing on the subconscious including patterns of sabotage, addiction, and guilt.  There is no spiritual bypass on the way to the 5th dimension.  Deep shadow work and psychological healing must occur so the emotional body can be in equanimity.  

 Shift into an attitude of GRATITUDE and have an appreciation of what life has to offer.  A daily practice of gratitude and thankfulness does wonders in accessing the higher dimensions including 5th dimensional consciousness.

COME FROM COMPASSION - No judgement of self or others. 

Perform consistent spiritual disciplines such as meditating praying or chanting at the same time everyday.  

Connecting to Source - God - the Divine everyday on a consistent basis is important to raise your consciousness

Pursue health disciplines - eating pure healthy diet, exercise, fresh air, being out in nature -moving your body -to improve mind and spirit.

Connecting to Nature is very important to accessing the 5th dimensional consciousness.