Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

April 2022 Astro Update

March 31, 2022 Jill Jardine Season 6 Episode 113
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
April 2022 Astro Update
Show Notes

April blows in with all planets transiting direct gearing up for eclipse season and Mercury retrograde in May. Planets are stirring up some Tom Foolery at the April Fool’s New Moon on April 1st.  Enjoy the wild ride this month as we brace for Eclipse season arriving at month’s end on April 30th with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.
Key Astrological Dates in April 2022:
April 4: Venus transits into Pisces
April 4:  Saturn & Mars conjunct in Aquarius
April 10:  Mercury transits into Taurus until April 29
April 14:  Mars goes transits into Pisces (
April 16: FULL MOON with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra
April 17: EASTER
April 19: Sun transits into Taurus 
April 29:  Pluto goes retrograde until October 8th
April 29:  Mercury transits into Gemini
April 30: NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE with Sun & Moon in Taurus

April will feel like two different months, as there are 2 New Moons this month - New Moon in Aries kicks off the month on April 1st and New Moon in Taurus ends the Month with a bang on April 30th.  

Make Merry at the Aries New Moon on April fools day @ 2:24 am East coast time. Light and airy says the New Moon April fools fairy.  Aries New Moon arrives on 4/1, stoking a stellium (clustering of planets) in the sign of the Ram including Chiron (wounded healer), Mercury, Moon & Sun the fiery sign of Aries.  Get ready for blast off - its time to launch.

Venus transits into placid Pisces on April 4th where she will luxuriate until May 2nd.  Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune at the Piscean party for pleasant parlaying.! Tune in and tune out! Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus which combines personal love with transpersonal love.  Things are about to get groovy. Piscean dreams and mystic crystal revelations are enhanced by Venusian visions of peace, love and understanding.  
On April 4 Saturn and Mars conjunct in Aquarius which could create some difficulties.  This could be a time when aggression (Mars) is acted out again authority (Saturn). There could also be an uprising somewhere or revolution against the authorities in power.  It’s a time when there can be an uptick in violence. It can come on fast and furiously and come to resolution quickly as well.

Mercury transits into Taurus on April 10th-April 29 which will turn the focus onto the economy- everyone will have money on their minds and feeling the pressure of high  gas & oil prices and rising inflation.  

On April 12, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, planting pleasing mystical vibrations and seeking spiritual awakenings.  

Full Moon in April arrives on April 16 with the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra. An Easter Full moon that will shed light and expose hidden matters. It brings relationship issues to a head, but is also a very good time for romance, and bringing a romantic potential to the next level.  

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on April 29th, the day before the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, as Mercurial mania kicks into Gemini.  It will not be business as usual and something big is in the offing. This shift of direction tends to bring about some initial confusion and financial fears.  I have warned the Crypto currency community that this signifies a difficult time financial and will be affecting the Crypto markets in a negative way. Pluto travels retrograde until October 8, 2022.

Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Taurus tops off the cherry of a manic month on April 30th. Luckily it’s only a partial eclipse - so the darkness is less.