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Prosperity Programming for Precarious Times

May 10, 2022 Jill Jardine Season 6 Episode 119
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
Prosperity Programming for Precarious Times
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Welcome to the episode on Prosperity Programming for Precarious times. It is important that we align our consciousness with abundance and wealth, rather than scarcity or lack.  Given the times we live in this is essential information for weathering the rising costs of everything, including airfares, goods, gas, groceries, and the flailing stock market and creeping cryptocurrencies. 

Astrology is always a precursor of coming times because we can tell how the movement of the outer planets and Nodes of the Moon will affect the collective experience. The Nodes of the Moon in Astrology have shifted into the signs Taurus and Scorpio, which are the money signs.  

Despite what is occurring in the world, we must cultivate the consciousness of abundance and prosperity within. There are many metaphysical techniques that can help.  Sanskrit Mantras for prosperity are a wonderful tool to shift your vibration, and subconscious patterns to attract more prosperity.  I have shared Sanskrit mantras for abundance and prosperity in previous podcasts, so go back and listen to those: Sanskrit Mantras for Wealth, released on November 23, 2021, Lakshmi’s Garden: Seed Prosperity with Sanskrit Mantra, April 9, 2021 and Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance & Prosperity, Oct. 7, 2020.

This episode includes powerful prosperity affirmations. In order for affirmations to work, you need to “believe it to receive it.”  

Here are some affirmations:  ““I trust the Universal spirit of Prosperity to provide richly for me now.”  “My source is a source of plenty, and I receive all I desire and require and more.”I believe in unlimited prosperity.  " I AM WORTHY OF RECEIVING PROSPERITY NOW! 

  “God - Universe, All That is-Higher Self- Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity, I AM READY! I mentally accept and claim my highest good now.” “I ACCEPT PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE INTO MY LIFE!

Align your Mind to your desired outcome:

1) - Set an intention statement that feels good, repeat it often, and imagine having it or doing it.  It’s also recommended to feel in your body as if you already have achieved your intention as you state it out loud several times a day. 

So an example of a Prosperity Intention would be:  “I AM NOW FINANCIALLY FREE. "

2) Repeat daily 2-5 Affirmations that make you feel positive, expectant and good about your desired outcome.  

Here are some affirmations for wealth, money & prosperity:

“ I create wealth easily and effortlessly. “
“I am a money magnet.”  “ Money comes from expected and unexpected sources and I am grateful.” “
"I am attracting financial prosperity."  The whole universe is conspiring to make me prosperous." 

3) Focus on your goal by using emotional visualization. Happily see and feel yourself in the scene of your desired outcome.  Use dialogue.  On your inner or third eye screen see 3 or 4 mental scenes of your goal being achieved and feel positive and expectant.

4) Create a belief statement such as “I believe I am destined to be wealthy very soon.”  

5) Use allowing statements to bring the outcome into your life.
“I allow more wealth to flow into my life."

OM LAKSHMI GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA:  (Ohm Laksh-mee Gana-paht-ah-yay Na-ma-ha)

(Ohm Shreem Kleem Ma-ha Laksh-mee-yay Na-ma-ha)

 Om - Universal consciousness. Shreem - seed sound for Lakshmi - Kleem Seed sound of abundance - Maha -Gr

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