Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

Soul Level Astrology with Mark Borax

November 04, 2022 Jill Jardine/Mark Borax Season 8 Episode 146
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
Soul Level Astrology with Mark Borax
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
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Show Notes
Jill's guest is Mark Borax, astrologer, author, teacher, mystic and nomadic poet.  Mark Borax created Soul Level Astrology in 1987, a method of using your birth chart to identify your core nature, or soul, which is the deepest part of you. Your soul force permeates every cell of your body. It was there before you were born and continues after you die. It came from eternity for some purpose only you can achieve. I investigate this purpose when we work together.

In, today’s world filled with chaos and confusion,  Mark's transformational astrological sessions have helped thousands of people around the world get down to their core force and life purpose, which provides a rudder through the changing tides.
Mark's  sessions investigate the reason you were born, your key strengths and weaknesses, relationship needs, and cycles of timing that shape your growth. 

Mark Borax has been a nomadic poet his whole life. In the late seventies he traveled the U.S. and Canada performing and selling his poetry. In the mid-eighties, Mark was befriended by his adolescent idol, Ray Bradbury, who became his literary godfather, believing in Mark's writing even though it was taking forever.

n 1984 he became a comic book writer and the managing editor of Comics Interview magazine. In 1998 Mark rode his Harley Davidson through the U.S. and Europe, stopping for a year in the Tuscan countryside of Northern Italy. Mark's first book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, is a worldwide bestseller that describes the author's seven-year apprenticeship to visionary astrologer Ellias Lonsdale. Under the redwoods of northern California they created a mystery school which birthed a new form of astrology called Star Genesis, that helps people contact their core nature and life purpose. Mark's second book (co-authored with Lonsdale) is a Cosmic Weather Report that inspires readers to rethink the whole purpose of humankind and bring on a new future. His third book, The Ruby Heart of the Dragon, is a radical revision of the twelve Sun Signs, due out in 2023.

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