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Love Mantras: Chant in Sanskrit to attract and improve Relationships!

October 15, 2020 Jill Jardine Season 2 Episode 37
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
Love Mantras: Chant in Sanskrit to attract and improve Relationships!
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
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Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, is an initiated and certified instructor in Sanskrit Mantra through the lineage of Namadeva Archarya, Thomas Ashley-Farrand.  In this episode, Jill shares Sanskrit mantras for Love that have been transmitted through her teacher's mantra lineage.

Sanskrit is the oldest language on the planet, called "Deva Lingua," the mother of tongues or the language of the gods. The Sanskrit alphabet has 50 letters, which is the same number of petals on the first six chakras, energy centers located along the spine.

When we chant Sanskrit mantras many magical things can happen. We may feel physical healing in our bodies, illumination of consciousness and other sensations such as energy goosebumps, of "spiritual confirmation," or kundalini rising.

Chanting mantras activate "Shakti," a Sanskrit term for the Divine Feminine life force.  Shakti can be transmitted from Gurus or teachers to students and from healers to receivers.

In the Vedic pantheon of deities, Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity. The Sanskrit seed or "bija" mantra for Lakshmi is "SHRIM." 

Jill teaches mantras for love including:
 to invoke the Goddess of Love-Kamala (Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance in her love form)

2) HRIM (pronounced "HREEM")
Seed or bija mantra for the Sacred Heart, to bring in more self love and divine love

3) KLIM (pronounced "KLEEM:)
Seed or bija mantra for attraction.  To attract desired outcome.

To attract a worthy man.

Salutes the divine lovers Radha and Krishna, and helps to improve love in an existing relationship or bring in a new love.

"I am Divine Love."

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Welcome to Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. I'm your host Jill Jardine, longtime astrologer, psychic, Yogi, healer, and Sanskrit mantra instructor. In today's episode, I'm going to teach you some Sanskrit mantras for love. So stay tuned. Welcome to Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you Sanskrit mantras for love. Who doesn't want more love in their lives? And by love, I'm talking about whether it is personal love, for instance, in a relationship that's already existing, if you want to improve it, if it is to pull in a new relationship, these love mantras are fabulous for that. And then love for self- self love. Everybody can use more of that, as well as divine love, to feel that connection to your source and feel the unconditional love pouring down onto you from your higher self, from the source of all that is. In my practice as a therapist, as a healer, Yogi, and Sanskrit mantra instructor, The Big Three that everybody wants help with in their life is prosperity or abundance money. And you can refer to my podcast. "Sanskrit mantras for Prosperity."They also want to feel better. So that's a whole nother range of mantras for health and healing and well being. I did share some of those earlier in the year 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic when it first hit . If you go back and listen to the "Astrological trajectory of the Coronavirus". I shared some Sanskrit mantras for health and I will be sharing more. And then the third big hot topic is love. And so today, I'm going to share mantras for love. And please refer to my earlier podcasts on Sanskrit mantras. My first one on "Introduction to Sanskrit mantras," where I shared mantras to remove obstacles. And then the Prosperity and abundance episode, "Sanskrit mantras for prosperity." And as I had mentioned in those podcasts that Sanskrit mantras are powerful. They're formidable. They come through a lineage and it's best to learn them from a vetted teacher of Sanskrit. And they also affect us on so many levels. I don't think I shared this piece about chanting Sanskrit mantras, but you can chant them out loud. And you will affect a very powerful physical sensation or healing when you chant the mantras out loud. You can actually whisper or say them quietly to yourself. Let's say you're flying on a plane and you want to chant mantras for protection, which I have done many a time. I've done them very softly to myself. Or the third way is you can think the mantra and that is very powerful. That's going to affect a change in the spiritual and mental body, as well chanting it sort of quietly to yourself. So it depends what kind of effect you want. If you want to have a profound physical or energetic or vibrational effect chanting them out loud is always very good. If you want it to be more meditative and spiritual then maybe chanting them softly to yourself or even silently in your head will affect more of a meditative and peaceful, mind calming, meditative effect, which I also had mentioned earlier. But it's worth saying again, that if you have problems going into a meditative state, a lot of Westerners it's not the easiest place to access. Well, mantras are a great segue into a meditative space. And remember what mantras mean "manas" which means mind and "tra" which comes from the root "trai" in Sanskrit, means "still." So mantras are stilling of the mind or quieting the mind. And so of course when we quiet the mind, it leads us into meditative awareness. And so to recap, some of the benefits are of chanting mantras are that they are energizing. Mantras are energy like fire. You can use that energy, like fire to cook your lunch or burn down a house. So again, you want to have a pure intention and intention for healing. And you want to focus on the beneficial result that you want to affect by chanting. And then the mantras create the healing energy that we call "prana" in Sanskrit, which can be transferred from individual to individual. So again, there's the healing component of chanting mantra. And the other thing I did not mention, and I chant mantras a lot for this, we can clear ourself of negativity, or let's say, we went into a place and the energy wasn't so good. Or you could tell that there was negativity or negative people, that people were saying negative things, or you've been watching the news. And you want to clear yourself. Well, you can chant the mantras, declare yourself. Some of the Ganesha mantras I shared in "Introduction to Sanskrit Mantra," will help with that. But I also use mantras to clear space. For instance, let's say, you start traveling again, and you go and stay in a hotel, you don't know who was in there before you. And you want to clear the space, mantras are very, very good for that. Where I live here in New England, around the Boston area, there's a lot of old houses, haunted old houses. And so a lot of times I get called to clear them. And I use mantras that are very good for space clearing. That's a whole nother episode. But I just want to share that you can use mantras for many different purposes. And so today's purpose is to bring in the vibration of love. And as I said, Who doesn't want more love? And I'm going to teach you a few mantras, love mantras for various purposes. And I want to start with the goddess of love in Sanskrit. And her name is Kamala, and she is an incarnation of Lakshmi, which is the goddess of prosperity and abundance. And refer to my podcast, "Sanskrit mantras for Prosperity" to learn some Lakshmi mantras. So Lakshmi has a form, where she incarnates as Kamala, the goddess of love, and also as an incarnation of Divine Mother called Radha. Radha, who is also a love goddess who gets together with Krishna and it is a love fest. So I'm going to share you some mantras for Kamala and Radha and Krishna. And so we'll start with a very simple mantra. She's the goddess of love, Kamala. And that mantra is "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." And so that basically translates to I invoke the energy of love, or I invoke the goddess of love, to bring love into my life. And it's a pretty open ended mantra because that love can be from bringing in a new lover, or to improve love in an existing relationship such as a marriage, or even bring in more love in general from friends and family, or just to be basking in the energy of love and the vibrations of love. So that mantra to the Goddess Kamala, goddess of love is "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." So we have the seed "OM," universal consciousness. Then we have the name of the goddess Kamala, Kamala-yei. YE which is Shakti producing. And then the salutation "namaha." I salute the goddess of love. Let's chant that together 9 times. And the

mantra is:

"OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." "OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA.""OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA.""OM KAMALAYEI NAMAHA." So, I'm going to teach you a very simple mantra as I shared in the earlier intro podcast to Sanskrit mantras. There are mantras that are called beej or seed mantras. "Bija" in Sanskrit. And encompassed in these simple one word mantras are the whole essence of a deity or an energy that one wants to invoke. And so there is one that is connected to love through the Sacred Heart. And that mantra is "HRIM" And so think of these Bija mantras as little acorns that grow into the big mantra tree. And so "HRIM" is a very powerful seed. And I'm going to read this from my teacher, Namadeva Archarya's book: Here are some of the benefits when you chant this seed mantra "HRIM" for the Sacred Heart, which will bring in love, it will bring in a very good feeling. It actually is very healing to the heart chakra or the heart center, which encompasses the physical heart and the physical lungs. So it's healing as well. So chanting the "HRIM" mantra. And again, I quote Namadeva Archarya's book, Thomas Ashley-Farrand: "Chant the "HRIM" mantra and feel the brightness of the mind expand. Chant the "HRIM" mantra and fulfill noble desires. Chant the "HRIM" mantra, and surpass desire itself. Chant the "HRIM" mantra, and join the force behind your birth. Chant the "HRIM" mantra, and become a lion and lioness for God. Chant the "HRIM" mantra, and eat the true fruit of the Divine. "HRIM" is the syllable of your grace."HRIM" is the name inevitable. "HRIM" is what manifests ultimately from all mantras. "HRIM" brings the final beatification through ecstatic vision of the Divine beloved. "HRIM" strips away all of the coverings of the soul, the food sheath, the mind sheath, the causal body, and even the body composed entirely of bliss. "HRIM" is the wish-fulfilling gem you construct and wear through repetition of mantra. "HRIM" is the supreme happiness. "HRIM" changes a faulty perception of this universe into the vision of changeless reality as it is."HRIM" , pronounced h-r-e-e-m, is the seed sound for the illusion of this reality. It is said, if one practices this seed mantra devotedly and intensely, the reality of this universe will be revealed to the seeker as it is. You can find the seed mantra "HRIM" in both Vedic and Tibetan Buddhist practices. It is said that a subtle flame burns here in the Sacred Heart which can manifest for you on this plane of existence. It is the fuel of devotion. It is also written in the ancient spiritual texts, that this flame induced by "HRIM" or the Hrit Padma, an eight petaled Lotus located just below the heart chakra which gets activated when we chant "HRIM. This flame can put you in contact with higher realms where exalted beings dwell." So there's a lot to say, for the simple seed bija Mantra "HRIM. It can bring love to you and so much more. Join me as we chant "HRIM" together. Let's do it 27 times to give it the real attention that it deserves. The Bija mantra, "HRIM." By the way, you can use this to clean a mala or a piece of jewelry if you chant with the stones, and in the case of a mala there's 108. And let's say somebody touches it or you dropped it, or that you just got the mantra and you want to align it to your own Sacred Heart. You go through touching each of the beads, which should be 108 or 54, if it's a rosary. And you chant "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" as you touch each bead. So let's

chant it 27 times together:

"HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" "HRIM" So let me tell you about the seed sound, "KLIM": pronounced KLEEM. It's the seed for the principle of attraction. So this sound is commonly combined with other mantras to attract the object of desire. Beecause the power to attract things is so powerful this seed is called the Kama "Bija" or the desire seed to powerfully attract wealth, for instance. One might combine the Lakshmi mantra with the "KLIM" seed to form the mantra: "OM SHRIM KLIM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA."

And we also use it with Krishna:

"OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA", to attract a man. "KLIM" is also used in combination with concentration. So you can just say this mantra by itself, focus on what you want to draw towards you and chant "KLIM." But we're going to combine it right now with the mantra for Krishna to attract a man whether you're a woman or a man looking for a

man. That love mantra is:


nine times:

"OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA, OM KLIM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA." And now let's take the seed "KLIM" out for a ride. We'll chant "KLIM" and get a clear vision in your mind whether you want to use it to attract love, and just kind of be open to how that will show up for you. But again, you can also use it to attract money or opportunity. And where this is a love mantra podcast, we'll think about attracting love and whatever form our higher self wants to bring it to us as we chant the

bija mantra "KLIM" 27 times:

"KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" "KLIM" KLIM" "KLIM" Now I want to discuss the Radha -Krishna principle. So in the Vedic Pantheon, Krishna is an incarnation of the god Vishnu, the preserver, and so Krishna is a God of love. And very, very famous Hari Krishnas followed Krishna and there is a very strong devotional path in Hinduism and in Vedic teachings related to the deity, Krishna. And at the very core, Krishna is a God of love. And so, Krishna gets together with Radha, who is the incarnation of Lakshmi, and Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu in the Vedic Pantheon. And they're together as the god and goddess of preservation and abundance. So they they come into a form as Radha, Lakshmi becomes the Radha. Krishna. Vishnu incarnates, as Krishna and they get together on the earth plane in the ancient times, and they just love one another. And they just shower everybody with love and it's just bringing in that whole vibration. So there is a mantra that combines the Radha and Krishna principle. And it's sort of an all purpose love mantra. It's to bring love to you, if you're looking to bring in love. But also if you already are in an existing relationship, it increases love in an existing relationship. So it's sort of a go-to love mantra. And it combines the names of Radha and Krishna.

And that mantra is:


that together 9 times:


Exciting news folks:

Cosmic scene with Jill Jardine is also a radio show broadcasting at a new time, Sundays 11 a,mEastern Time on WATD 95.9. FM broadcasting to Boston south shore and streaming live on on Sundays at 11 am. The beauty of the radio show is that you can call in and get mini readings from me or my psychic guests. Call in at 781-837-4900. Get your reading and tune in on Sundays at 11 am Eastern time. The next Sanskrit mantra for love that I'm going to teach you is to attract love, and is to attract love, in what ever form is best for you. So get out of your own ego and let the divine

deliver. And that month is:

"OM PARAMA PREMA RUPAYA NAMAHA." The term "Prema" P-R-E-M-A, is the word for love in Sanskrit. So this translates to OM and salutations to the supreme divine love coming in a recognizable form. So guess what? That could come in the form of a new pet like a lovely little cat that you can have and love unconditionally. Or it can be in the form of another person. It could be coming in the form of a spiritual teacher that you are devoted to. It could come in the form of self-love realizing "Wow, I'm a really cool person! I love myself." So the mantra:


" O-M universal consciousness. "parama" means Supreme. "Prema" means love. "RUPAYA:". incarnation of a goddess of love. "Namaha" -the salutation.

So let's chant:


simple. Two words:

"AHAM PREMA." A-H-A-M. P-R-E-M-A, the mantra for love. And so this one, this mantra translates to "I am divine love." And as I mentioned in the beginning of the podcast that we can chant love mantras for all kinds of manifestation, whether it's to pull in a new relationship or love, whether it is for self love, or divine love. This mantra: "AHAM PREMA" encompasses all of the manifestations of love. And as I said, It does translate to "I am divine love." So let's end with this mantra. We'll go out chanting it 27 times together. And just, if possible, allow yourself to fade out into a meditative state. After the 27 repetitions of "AHAM PREMA" and see what happens. Here we go. "AH I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine" on Sanskrit love mantras. Please remember to subscribe, share the podcast of cosmic scene with Jill Jardine, and please give them a five-star review. This is Jill Jardine of Cosmic Scene signing off sending you healing love mantras through the quantum field.