Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

September 2021 Astro Update & Sun Sign Forecasts

September 01, 2021 Jill Jardine Season 5 Episode 80
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
September 2021 Astro Update & Sun Sign Forecasts
Show Notes

Professional International Astrologer, Jill Jardine, gives her Astro Update for September 2021. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for the Sun sign forecasts for each Zodiac sign .

Here are the Key dates in SEPT 2021: 
September 6: :  VIRGO New Moon
September 10: Venus transits into Scorpio
September 14:  Mars transits into Libra
September 20  FULL MOON with Sun in Virgo/Moon in Pisces
September 22: Sun transits into Libra/Autumnal Equinox
September 27- October 18: Mercury Retrograde 

NEW MOON IN VIRGO  ushered in on Sept. 6 @ 8:51 pm on the East coast, setting up tensions for the coming months over health issues and the search for truth. Virgo is thorough in reading between the lines, seeking out missing information or misinformation.  Mars is with the Sun and Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, throwing aggressive energies into the mix and polarizing people..  Virgo is one of the signs that rules health and healing, and with Mars in Virgo we will see more aggression around current health issues regarding Covid and the Vaccines. 

This New Moon in Virgo brings the focus onto personal health and the health care system. .  Boosting the immune system through diet, whole foods, vitamins and supplements, fresh air, getting plenty of sleep and exercise is essential  as we head into the Lung season in the Northern Hemisphere, according the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture theory.Mars in Pisces opposing Mars at the Virgo New moon also bodes for issues with water inundations, floods and heavy rains or hurricanes ahead.

Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus forms an exact trine (gives a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Virgo) at this New Moon.  Expect the unexpected.  Uranian energies will throw elements of surprise and bring sudden shifts and changes.   Uranus reminds us that  We are sovereign spiritual beings having a physical body experience!  Treat that temple of the body with all the care and respect it deserves!

Passions heat up when Venus transits into the sensual and sexual sign of Scorpio on September 10 til October 7th.  Kundalini baby!  Activate that life force and let Venus get her groove back after behaving in her own sign of Libra. 

On August 14, Mars the warrior, transits into Libra, the abode of Venus the lover until October 30. This will calm the aggressive Martial tendencies and bring the focus on to keeping the peace or negotiating both sides of a conflict.  Mars is uncomfortable in his opposite sign of Libra and is like a caged wild animal.  Certainly with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra, relationship issues are up for re-evaluation.  

FULL MOON with the Sun in VIRGO and Moon in PISCES occurs on September 20.  More Virgo and Piscean polarity occurs at this Full Moon with Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon and Neptune conjunct in Pisces. This full moon also occurs at the end degrees of Virgo and Pisces signifying an ending of old cycles rather than the beginning.  The tide is still going out and we await the new waves of healing and inspiration to flow in by the opposite Virgo full moon in March 2022.

The Autumnal equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, initiating the Fall season when the sun shifts into the sign Libra. The Autumn Equinox signifies the time of the harvest whether it is the fruits of the earth that have ripened or the intentions that you planted in the spring or earlier in the year.

Mercury retrogrades on September 27 until October 18 in the sign Libra.   Relationships are particularly vulnerable to miscommunications resulting in misunderstandings. Technologies will break down, and it is not a good time to buy computers or cars. Travel will be difficult with delays, disruptions and cancellations.