Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine

October 2021 Astro Update & Sun Sign Forecasts

September 22, 2021 Jill Jardine Season 5 Episode 83
Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine
October 2021 Astro Update & Sun Sign Forecasts
Show Notes

Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, shares her astro update for October 2021. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for  Sun Sign predictions for each Zodiac sign. 
October augurs apprehension and unease, as if the other shoe is about to drop, and Plutonian tensions are ready to pop. Trying to keep things stabilized at the Libra New moon on October 6 will be challenging as Pluto goes direct on the same day after months of retrograding.   Saturn goes direct in Aquarius on October 10 , turning up the volume on issues affecting everyone. The Libra pendulum swings erratically back and forth seeking peace between polarities. Four retrograde planets turn direct this month amping up the intensity! When Mercury and Jupiter go direct on the same day, October 18th, leading into the Full Moon, secrets are spilled and much will be revealed.  The witches brew is being stirred with collective unrest, as we prepare for October’s spooky scenarios!

Here are the Key dates in OCT 2021: 
October 6: :  LIBRA New Moon
October 6:  Pluto  turns direct in Capricorn
October 7: Venus transits into Sagittarius until November 5
October 9:  Saturn goes direct in Aquarius
October 18:  Jupiter and Mercury go direct-ending retrograde cycles  October 20: FULL MOON with Sun in LIBRA/Moon in ARIES
October 30: Mars transits into Scorpio until December 13 

NEW MOON IN LIBRA occurs on October 6th, the same day Pluto goes direct. Something is brewing beneath the calm exterior of Sun & Moon in Libra.  The usual Libra pleasantness and placidity is disturbed at this New Moon, courtesy of Mars at the same degree pacing like a caged animal, ready to break out, and do something impulsive to disrupt the Libra balance.  Watch for Mars inciting flames of anger and discord. Throw in a Plutonian power play and it’s a perfect storm of contention. Also, contributing to this imbalance is Mercury retrograde in Libra, who wants to go back and revisit decisions that have been made, and perhaps unravel plans or dictates.  Mercury adds to the “my side versus your side” nature of a situation. But as in all new Moons, it’s a good time to start again, and aim for a fresh start.  Libra is the sign that rules relationships, so perhaps focus on healing your connections, whether with friends, lovers, partners or acquaintances. 

October 18th is an astrologically action packed day as both Jupiter and Mercury go direct.  All systems go!  Jupiter has been retrograde since June 20, 2021 and Mercury went retrograde on September 27. 

Jupiter and Mercury going direct will move some powerful energies and redirect outcomes. Jupiter lets loose in Aquarius making up for lost time, making plans for expansion and new ideas.  Jupiter direct in Aquarius wants to eliminate restrictions, especially in travel and the economy.  Mercury and Jupiter going direct open the floodgates of information, expansion, and prosperity. I see this date as auspicious for financial concerns, and especially for Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Bull market to take off! Profits and gains continue to peak.  Enjoy this outpouring of prosperity before the Lunar Eclipse of November 19 fallout that will influence all financial markets.