Dr. MC Organiccs Health Podcast

Why Minerals ?

June 26, 2020 Mark Cymerint & Nicole Vernotico
Dr. MC Organiccs Health Podcast
Why Minerals ?
Show Notes

In this podcast we discuss why we want to supplement with Minerals Chelated. Dr. Cymerint and Nicole discuss who this product is for, what lead to the discovery of this product, and why you need our Minerals supplement. This podcast is for all the people that are feeling anxiousness, anxiety, and stress. This podcast if for people who are looking to calm down, getting more restful sleep, dealing with restless leg syndrome, and people who tend to get frequent muscle cramping. We also go over why minerals need to be chelated and how that affects absorption of the product. Some of the benefits of this supplement that Dr. Cymerint and Nicole discuss are: 

  • Helps Muscle Cramping
  • Calms Nerve & Anxiety
  • Helps with Constipation
  • Helps with Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Helps with Migraines
  • Great Aid for Bone Health

So any of these things that are listed above this product may be for you! Don’t miss out on this great podcast!