Field Notes by AgChoice

Episode 1 - Perspectives from AgChoice with Darrell Curtis

March 31, 2020 AgChoice Farm Credit Season 1 Episode 1
Field Notes by AgChoice
Episode 1 - Perspectives from AgChoice with Darrell Curtis
Field Notes by AgChoice
Episode 1 - Perspectives from AgChoice with Darrell Curtis
Mar 31, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
AgChoice Farm Credit

AgChoice President and CEO Darrell Curtis discusses how AgChoice continues to serve customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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AgChoice President and CEO Darrell Curtis discusses how AgChoice continues to serve customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Welcome to field notes by AG Choice, a podcast. Siri's covering timely, relevant topics for Pennsylvania's agricultural and rural communities. Each episode will include an interview of a night choice expert or one of our industry partners discussing information you need to know My name is Rachel Sad isn't and with me today to launch. Our first podcast is Darryl Curtis, president and CEO of Actually Farm Credit. We're in the midst of unchartered times, and Darryl will update us on how I choice continues to serve customers during the Cove in 19 Crisis. They're all thanks for joining me.

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Hi, Rachel. Thanks for having me.

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Let's jump in and get started here. If you could first just share with our listeners about AG choice and how the organization is operating in today's environment.

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Sure, today, just like always, actually provides loans and financial service is to rural and agricultural communities in Pennsylvania. And, of course, during this time, you know our priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, customers and our partners. Now we're mostly ableto work from home remotely. Right now, this encourages social distancing. During this time, we do strongly encourage Rachel, our customers to contact us by phone or use. Our online service is such a account access to make payments. No, we're still making loans. Were servicing the customer accounts, were providing a county tax consulting payroll and crop insurance service is right now. Providing our customers with timely, relevant information is important. We've implemented strategies such as this podcast to share information, which is important to them. And we also have a Web page dedicated to providing updates. It is actually dot com for forward slash resource is

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okay, Great. The crisis is really causing difficult financial times for many folks. So sort of a two part question here. How is actually doing financially and then Secondly, how is I choice helping customers during these times?

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Well, it is important to note that we are financially sound. You know, we had a great year in 2019 this week, we're going to contribute or distribute $34 million patronage to our customers, which will be the longest Patriots distribution history. Yeah, we know, you know, these are difficult times from any customers, including farmers, and we strongly encourage our customers then to reach out to the right choice loan officer, whether other financialservices provider early and often about the situation that they have. In many cases, we could do things like extend credit terms. We can restructure debt. What we conserve is a resource to help him through the crisis. The science helping our customers financially, though way also have a thing called Member of systems program, and this provides professional, confidential and free help to our customers and their family members includes things like counseling. Legal service is financial service is it's available 24 7 to a Web portal and a phone number. Information on this was listener a Web page again, same one, actually dot com forward slash resources.

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And what else do you think is important to share with farmers during this time?

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Well, what I want to do is be sure to tell farmers thank you. Their role and continue to produce a food supply is critically important every day, and especially right now, I read an article recently about how this crisis is helping America no, see the jobs that are really important that we just can't do without jobs like being a farmer like truck drivers, medical professionals, grocery store workers, also many other positions, and everyone is a part of a life sustaining business. There are a lot of unknowns, obviously, with today's situation, but we are blessed with the good working and done by people in all facets, all aspects of our community.

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There are we appreciate you joining us today to kick off our new podcast series. We're sharing what I choices doing for customers in these uncertain times.

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Rachel. We know the most difficult times Kenbrell out the best in people, and that's what I think we're seeing today in America and with actually center customers. People are stepping up and they're helping others selflessly. We are all in this challenge together, and, you know, we're gonna get through this thing together as well. So I wanna thank you, Rachel, and stay safe. Everyone,

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Thanks for tuning into today's podcast. Listen to other episodes of field notes by AEG Choice posted AG choice dot com slash resource is