Multifamily Rock Stars

#15 | James Eng - Multifamily Financing

April 30, 2020 Ryan Christopher Nunes Season 1 Episode 15
Multifamily Rock Stars
#15 | James Eng - Multifamily Financing
Show Notes

Today, I sat down with James Eng of Old Capital who has closed over $750 MM of multifamily loans. In this episode we go through the following topics.

  1. Financing options for a multifamily property and how underwriting and leverage have changed during COVID-19.
  2. Market cycles, cap rate history and his view of multifamily cap rates going forward.
  3. What James looks for when making passive investments and his baseball analogy to investing.
  4. Advice for syndicators and passive investors.

James has originated over $750 MM in multifamily loans nationwide as a Senior Director for Old Capital.  Prior to Old Capital, he underwrote $750 MM in commercial real estate loans for GE Capital Real Estate. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a finance degree.

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