Multifamily Rock Stars

#18 | Kim Radaker - Vertical Integration

June 30, 2020 Ryan Christopher Nunes
Multifamily Rock Stars
#18 | Kim Radaker - Vertical Integration
Show Notes

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kim Radaker to hear about her incredible story from owning single family homes and homeschooling her children to managing $450 MM in multifamily assets. 


Kim shares the following insights in today’s episode

  1. Why she started her vertically integrated strategy and how that provides a competitive advantage in acquiring and managing properties.
  2. Her story about buying a 50% vacant property and turning it around.
  3. Her acquisition strategy, focus on heavier value-add properties and capital gains vs. cash flow.
  4. Her people first approach to leadership.
  5. Her advice for passive investors and first-time syndicators.


Kim’s Background

Kim is the founder of Exponential Property Group in Dallas, TX.  She manages 4,800 multifamily units and has grown her business from 2 employees to over 180 in less than a decade.


To connect with Kim, please visit her at, or to learn more about work with Autism, check out


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