Multifamily Rock Stars

#20 | The Youngs - "People Value Add"

September 22, 2020 Ryan Christopher Nunes Season 1 Episode 20
Multifamily Rock Stars
#20 | The Youngs - "People Value Add"
Show Notes

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gary and Heidi Young who are GPs on 587 Units in Dallas, TX. Listen to this episode to hear how this dynamic couple impacts their apartment communities through their “People Value Add” approach. 

  1. How they pour into the lives of their residents and the organizations that are willing to help.
  2. How investing in multifamily significantly tax shelters Gary's physician income.
  3. How they keep expenses low at their properties and provide encouragement to their staff.
  4. Their approach to asset management – what they do on site and away from the property.
  5. How they work together as a married couple and their advice on partnerships, getting into the space and managing their assets.


Gary and Heidi live in Dallas, TX and are general partners in 587 units in the Dallas MSA. Their vision is to improve the lives of people within apartment communities by partnering with non-profit organizations.

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