Multifamily Rock Stars

#22 | Matt Easton - Leasing University

January 07, 2021 Ryan Christopher Nunes
Multifamily Rock Stars
#22 | Matt Easton - Leasing University
Show Notes

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Easton, the Founder of Leasing University. Having worked in sales my entire career, I found his consultative sales approach extremely interesting as he applies a high level of sales professionalism to more transactional leasing.

 Here are some notes from our one hour conversation and why you and your property manager should check out this episode

  1. How Class B and C properties can “out lease” Class A properties with the right consultative sales approach.
  2. The #1 question your leasing staff needs to ask - “Why do you want to move?”
  3. Why your marketing is only as effective as your sales process.
  4. Why curiosity is the #1 quality Matt looks for when hiring leasing consultants.
  5. Matt’s thoughts on the best ways to compensate leasing professionals. 
  6. As an owner do you call your properties?
  7. Why agreeing instead of arguing helps close leases and renewals.
  8. 64% of non-renewals can be traced back to a maintenance request.
  9. The dos and don’ts of soliciting online reviews.


Matt is the Founder of Leasing University, the #1 Apartment Leasing Training in the World. Leasing University’s On-Demand Platform and Live Events have simplified how the industry leases apartments. Matt has personally helped hundreds of apartment communities generate billions in additional revenue. 

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