Conversations on the Rocks

How to Spot a Real Expert and Not the Fool

May 12, 2020 Connie Chesner Episode 7
Conversations on the Rocks
How to Spot a Real Expert and Not the Fool
Show Notes

This week I'm joined by Connie Chesner who is the Performance Enhancement Specialist of Armored Team Building and discussion revolves around how to spot a fake and an expert. During troubling times or when little is known about a topic, it seems like "experts" come out of the blue to offer their wisdom and solutions. But how do you know if they’re really an expert on a topic or if you’re falling for fool’s gold? 

Our discussion deals with an aspect of one of the five themes in our groundbreaking research report that looks at how markets motivation is shifting due to the pandemic.  We know that the need for expert and credible sources will rise, so how do you spot an expert?  

3 Tips:

1. ”Beware of Fools Gold”: Look for credibility markers

2. The “I heard it from a friend who” effect:  discern short-cuts, assumptions, headline scanning

3. “Mandala Effect”: memories are malleable and fallible

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