The Dead Pixels Society podcast

Overcoming fear in business leadership, with Joe Hart, Dale Carnegie

May 11, 2023 Joe Hart Season 4 Episode 114
The Dead Pixels Society podcast
Overcoming fear in business leadership, with Joe Hart, Dale Carnegie
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Show Notes

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talked with Joe Hart, president and CEO, Dale Carnegie and Associates Inc. In this interview, Hart talks about the Dale Carnegie course program, leadership, overcoming fear in business, and resolving conflicts.

Since 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has helped millions of people and businesses around the world improve their performance. In over eighty countries and in more than thirty languages, the company applies Dale Carnegie’s founding principles to inspire individual and organizational transformation, excellence, and success by tapping into each person’s potential.

Hart is also the co-author of the just-released book "Take Command: Find Your Inner Strength, Build Enduring Relationships, and Live the Life You Want " co-authored by Michael Crom, the grandson of Dale Carnegie. Take Command offers powerful tools and time-tested methods to help you live an intentional life by transforming how you approach your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and future.

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Hosted and produced by Gary Pageau
Edited by Olivia Pageau
Announcer: Erin Manning

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