All Things Writing

Interview: Patricia Procopi

November 15, 2022 Bryan the Writer Season 3 Episode 31
All Things Writing
Interview: Patricia Procopi
Show Notes

Welcome to all Things Writing. This week, we have an amazing guest. She is the author of the novels I’ll Get by and Please Tell Me More.

Join me as we talk about where he ideas about her characters came from, her life, the emotion that comes with writing her characters, abuse, and of course. We are going to talk about her books. On this episode of All Things Writing. 

Want to know more about Patti? Check her out here!

During the interview we give a shout-out to Alton's Keep Wildbird Rescue and Rehab. Check them out here!

Finally, don't forget to stop by and see my good friends at

Thank you again for hanging out with us!

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